Bluetooth receiver w Digital out

Hi all,

For a new office system, I will use my great ART speakers and likely an amp with built-in DAC.

Main source, I think, will simply be iphone w Tidal.

Can anyone recommend a great bluetooth receiver with digital out, so can connect to the DAC?

Many thanks for any ideas

I used an Audioengine b1 in my last system. It was very good and it has an optical digital out.

Many thanks Stu63! Really appreciate. Is it stable in use? Would like to use for tidal…

In the meantime I also looked at Bluesound Node which then hosts tidal (rather than using iphone) and also offers digital out, but also costs more. Any sense what gives best sound quality?


Really sorry for the late response. I didn’t revisit the topic and all my email notifications from the forum have been going to ‘junk’.
The b1 is incredibly stable with a really good range. If your phone has it, the b1 also supports AptxHD.
Again, sorry for the late reply.

Lars not Laura.
Auto correct is a pain in the A…

Also. I have never heard the blusound node, so I cannot help there

Many thanks Stu! Really helpful