Bluetooth rogue connections & security issue

Hi there,

I have a Mu-so 1st edition and it was working fine until recently. All of a sudden it disconnects from whatever source it is on (bluetooth, Spotify connect, line input) and seems to connect to some mystery bluetooth connection.

Then, it started playing mysterious music which I later traced to a neighbour who was trying to connect to his headphones in another flat. This seemed very odd as the Mu-So is not in bluetooth discovery mode and hasn’t been for many months. Since I notified the neighbour he was connecting to my Mu-So, he has stopped, but the Mu-So keeps switching inputs to some mysterious bluetooth connection.

It is now at the stage where the mu-so is unusable as it will only stay on my input for a minute or two.

I have looked at the app and all it says is that the device is connected to Bluetooth. It doesn’t say which device is connected and there doesn’t seem to be any way to block this rogue connection.

First question is why does the device allow neighbours to connect when it is not in discovery mode (the LED on the side is white). This seems to be a security issue.

Secondly, what can I do to resolve this problem?

Thanks for your help

I’d change the name of the device and enable secure bluetooth if you haven’t.


Thanks, I’ll give that a try :slight_smile:

You could also try a factory reset, which should mean all existing Bluetooth connections are deleted completely.


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Bluetooth is generally not considered as a secure access technology by those where such things are important…
Apart from mobile listening when on the move I don’t tend to use it… it also does add another chain of potentially quite lossy compression as well.
Hope the hints above resolve your issue.

But switch to ‘secure’ BlueTooth, so that pairing is required… and if you see the rogue connection, press drop and forget connection and you should be ok from casual interference.

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Thanks for all the replies. Switching to secure Bluetooth seems to have helped.

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