Bluetooth v wifi

When I listen to music streaming via bluetooth through 272/250-2 it seems to be not as sharp/focussed as via wifi?

Is it me or has anyone else found this and if it is then why?

Mike Parkinson

Audio transferred via Bluetooth is lossy, compressed audio. WiFi can transfer hires.

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As a result, a new Blutooth Audio format has been ratified. But it isn’t backwards compatible, needs new hardware and very few devices support it yet.

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I wouldn’t stream using Bluetooth it definitely not as good as wi fi. Also I’ve been assured that it fries your brain as well. :scream:


At a pinch for streaming YouTube videos it works well enough without massive lip-sync issues. I could use Chromecast but the inability to turn this on/off from within the app is a pita.

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Amongst other side effects!


Ah so’m right to think bluetooth lesser

By the way too late for my brain.


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