I’m trying and not succeeding in streaming my ipad to my 272 via Bluetooth, any ideas?
Have followed the manual instruction but ipad not seeing the 272.

Have you enabled the Bluetooth input and connected the aerial?

I have, at least I think I have as per the manual. The iPad is only showing airplay not a Bluetooth to connect to.

Better to connect via Airplay if you can. Do you have a spare AE you can use? Bluetooth is not as good and you have to get quite close for it to work.

Make sure Bluetooth is switched on in your iPad.

I connected mine in settings from the iPad.
There you search for Bluetooth devices just like a carkit or headphone.
You have to set the 272 on Bluetooth input and then the iPad finds the 272. When connected you can select audio output to the 272 just as you select AirPlay or other Bluetooth devices.

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