All of a sudden, my Samsung A33 won’t connect to my ND5XS2.

Has there been an “upgrade” from NAIM recently that would affect this?

The phone doesn’t “see” the device. Others that I’ve connected to still appear - JBL smartspeaker, B&W headphones.

Anybody else having this problem?

The first check is to confirm the input is still active. Also try a second phone/iPad assuming you have access to one. If everything is set up correctly I would try a reboot of the streamer.

It’s funny, but some years ago I switched from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy.
It would NOT connect to my Mini JCW Roadster. I took the car to the dealer and had all the Software/Firmware updates done, which cost hundreds of £’s and still it wouldn’t work.
I checked the internet and discovered that people the world over were having problems with Samsungs Bluetooth system with the new Galaxy phones.
I have had similar problems with a Samsung TV and wireless connectivity. I now no longer by Samsung products, with the exception of Washing Machines, which are brilliant…:man_shrugging:t2:

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Just to answer this: no there hasn’t.

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I think it’s developed an incompatibility with the ND5XS2. Works with everything else.

Did you try a power off restart of the ND5 XS2? So not just using the front panel button but unplugging the mains for half a minute?

I realise this doesn’t answer the question, but is there anything that works with Bluetooth that doesn’t also work with AirPlay and/or Chromecast, and almost certainly more reliably?

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