Bmw 804 d3

Any expirence how does Bmw804 d3 sound with 552/500 comparing to my Sl2?

Hi Meni not sure I should be replying to your post as I have not heard a 552/500 or SL2! However I have heard a B&W 804d3 with a 252/300 and it was disappointing compared to my (at the time 282/250) with my 802d3 speakers. In my opinion the £10,000 increase in cost for the Naim amps gave a much smaller increase in sound quality compared to £10,000 increase in the cost of B&W speakers. The 802’s sounded wonderful even in the tiny dealer’s demo room. I would have thought that your £50,000 552/500 would benefit from the 802’s which the new price was a 1/3 of the 552/500 price. I know that many people don’t like bigger speakers but I thought I would give my experience for what it is worth.


Another comment of some relevance, I hope, but with a similar qualification.

I didn’t like B&Ws for years, but was advised to try them again. I heard 804 D3s against PMC and Neat Xplorers. We used an olive 250. In my house, with a c.6 x 4m living room, the 804D3s were the winners on SQ, if not VFM.

Swapping to a 300DR certainly showed that the 250 could be a bit noisy and a bit uncouth and that the 804s were happier with the extra grip - I expect a 500 would be another step up.

Of course, in other rooms, different speakers would beat the 804s, but I doubt that anything much bigger or needing more space would have been a great choice in my room.

The B&Ws also really benefited from Isoacoustic Gaias on my wooden floor.

YMMV as always.

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