BNC for T-Kabel

I finally want to use BNCs to the T-cable of my LP12. I thought they came with the Superline but don’t remember seeing them or paying attention to them.
The Linn RCA are simply too tight and it is always a feat to plug them back in. But the main reason is of course the sound.

Which BNCs are suitable? The T-cable is quite thick. Only find BNC for crimping and I don’t have a crimping pliers. BNC for soldering would be better.

Maybe someone can give a hint?

I have BNC connectors on mine but always use the phonos. A little tight, yes but I’ve never had problems with them so long as I’m gentle but firm!

I’m not sure if Furukawa sells some quality BNCs. I’ve used WBT for speaker plugs and sockets in the past but I’m not sure if they sell BNCs.

Worth looking here:

IMO… YMMV, etc… :slightly_smiling_face:

Never use to be a problem - my early-ish Ittok had ordinary looking BNC’s fitted, years ago, by my Linn/Naim dealer. But the cables then were much thinner - say around 3mm diameter. The webz tells me Linn T-cable is 6mm diameter…? Ouch…

@ [ravenswood101] Thx
The Linn RCA are really very tight. I need a lot of strength to take it all in. And I think it’s not very good for the Superline to load the springs inside every time it is connected.

I have read that from Richard.Dane. However, there is no indication of where to buy the BNCs.

I have a set of very old ones lying around, but they are no longer usable. But I also think that they are delivered with the Superline. Or do I remember wrong?

Yup, 50 ohm BNC, solder type. I see that Farnell, RS etc. sell suitable solderable BNCs. I’m not sure the exact make or type no. that Naim use, but perhaps @NeilS can advise.

Thank you Richard. Nickel plated BNCs are mentioned in the forum, should I pay attention to this?

But I also want to contact the German support to what extent the BNCs will be delivered with the Superline.

The Superline has BNC and Next-Gen RCA Phono sockets fitted. I don’t recall mine coming with any BNC plugs though.

The BNC’s fitted to my Ittok’s cables appear to be Silver plated, probably made by/for RS…?

I have two BNCs from an Ittok cable but they are very unsightly and badly soldered. Cleaning them probably won’t do it.

As this is a question about a Linn product, maybe you should ask on the Linn forum…?
(BNC connectors for a Linn T-cable)

Oh… wait. Thats dead I think… :thinking:

A quick search found me these 2 on RS:

RS- coaxial-connectors/4231927/

RS - coaxial-connectors/4231955/

Both are 50 ohm, cable mounting , solder types.

Over to you…@hermann

Thanks Ian. I usually search locally or by the big river. But nice to see that RS has a German offshoot, I didn’t know. Still almost 24 euros for two BNC plugs? What’s wrong with the economy …

In fact, just learned that the BNCs don’t come with the superline. Now I am waiting for my friendly Linn dealer.

I hope your local Linn dealer is helpful - IMO they should be… :smile:

Good connectors are not usually cheap…
Cheap connectors are not usually good…

And the approx cost of your LP12 is…??? :thinking:

I was told 50Ω and nickel plated was recommended When I enquired.

Mind you, like me you could always treat yourself to a new cable. My grey became black when I moved to the Karousel but not cheap for sure…

I’m in a similar situation. While the 50 ohm BNC is the ideal plug for the SuperLine, the T-Kable on my LP12 was too large to fit it. It’s possible to get a bigger BNC, but the resistance is different, and so it’s not a recommended solution.

The RCAs on my T-Kable (an early model, from 2007) were also very tight, and I considered changing them. But after inspecting them closely, I saw that they had extremely fine slits on the sleeves, which allowed me to loosen their death grip with a needle nose pliers. They’re now snug, but not tight.

In an idle moment I looked up alternative tonearm cables, and I see that Chord will supply the Music cable with your choice of terminations. It comes in “reference” and slimline versions, the latter being suited to the LP12. The price is way beyond my budget, but this could be the ultimate for LP12/SuperLine owners. It now makes me wonder if there are any other BNC-friendly high end tonearm cables available, at more affordable prices?

I’ve always seen the tight fit of the cable a good thing and as it only comes off when the deck is serviced or most recently when I had a new cable (grey to black) fitted I’ve never been that bothered with the tight fit.
I’ve not investigated but years ago I recall that certain cables can be an easier fit by loosening the outer sleeve a little then tightening after the cable is in the socket. It used to work with Cable Talk of old. Not sure if this will work with Linn though…at least I’ve not tried as I’ve got used to the tight plugs.

Hi Richard,
This is a tricky one, the ones we used to fit to the Aro cable came from a certain supplier - I can’t find any spec on these plugs. We now use the same Naim part number for off the shelf plugs from RS, we mainly use these for test jigs & cables around the Test & Service Department, so I have no idea if they are the same spec.
But FYI they are: RS PRO 50Ω Straight Cable Mount BNC Connector, Plug, RG58



Looks to be these…
RS - coaxial-connectors/5464257

Thanks very much to all. I tried to order from rs-online (UK and Germany). Unfortunately, they are expecting a credit card that I don’t use.

Desolder the old ones and put them in the ultrasonic bath. They are now sparkling clean. But more importantly, they were soldered very well so that the hot wire would certainly fit.

In any case, the diameter of the T-cable fits through the screw connection at the end. Hope shielding etc will also fit.