Bob Dylan album catalogue on vinyl

II caught part of an advert on TV earlier this evening for 180 gram versions of all Bob Dylan vinyl albums to be sold in newsagents in (weekly?) instalments with an accompanying magazine with each issue. I’m not sure when this will start. Nor did I catch proper details of prices, but I think that they may have said around £15 or £16 per single LP.

I can’t add much to this, as I generally switch off mentally when adverts come on, but I’ll try to have a look in a couple of Brighton newsagents over the next few days to see what more I can find out. But if I got the story right and the pressings are good, this may be a great chance for us all to fill our boots.

This may be old news, known by many, but I knew nothing of it. And I’ll certainly aim to buy them, as my Dylan collection on CD and LP is pretty ragtag .

Now can anyone give a better account of what’s going on, please?



Not me… but if the handling of newspapers and magazines was anything like it was decades ago, then I wouldn’t hold out any hope of dear Mr Zimmerman’s LPs being in great condition.

I’ve picked up the first 3 and the quality is top notch. Everyone was been flat and silent. Definitely recommend them if you want to fill any Dylan gaps.


That’s reassuring to hear.

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Well, how frustrating.

I managed to pick up volume 3 of this set (titled just ‘Bob Dylan’) this afternoon, so I need to track down volumes 1 and 2 before they all get snapped up. I’ll crank up the Linn, Naims and Quads tomorrow morning and play it, accompanied by a cappucchino and a Danish pastry.

The album that I do have is early Dylan, and I don’t recognise many of the track titles, so it promises to be a real voyage of discovery for me. All rather exciting, really!

The search will start after breakfast tomorrow for volumes 1 and 2. I’m not sure what these actually are, as my volume 3 is listed on Amazon as Dylan’s first LP release. There is reference to two live albums, recorded at the Gaslight in 1962 and at Carnegie Hall in 1963, both shown as being released later than the dates of recording. I hadn’t heard of either of them before, but maybe these are volume 1 and 2 of this new series. As always, any help from knowledgeable members of this Forum will be gratefully received.

These new LPs seem to be flying very much under the radar at the moment, as I haven’t picked up any other references to them. All very surprising, really.

Oh well!


Just looking at the add (I think) it appears they are launching Issue 1 with the Times They Are A Changin’ then Issue 2 Freewheelin’ and Issue 3 the first album Bob Dylan.

Yes I think that’s correct, I guess “Times” is more known and may draw more people in rather than starting with the “Bob Dylan” album. I have multiple sets of the 65-66 albums but will that stop me …of course not!

Further to my post above, I was able to order online the first and second releases in the series, and they’re due to arrive on Thursday.

Anticipation has to be cooled, though, as I’ve decided not to play any of them until a new Dynavector arrives and can be fitted to the LP12.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has got and played any of them how good they sound.

Oh, and I have placed an order with a local newsagent, for the rest of the series, which are being issued fortnightly.


I picked up ‘Another side of Bob Dylan’’ today. Marvellous.

I was looking at the track listing today for the self-titled ‘Bob Dylan’ (which I’ve never heard played through as an album) and I espied a track called’Highway 51’. Now, for the first time ever, I understand why the later album and album track are being ‘revisited’! Was it Homer Simpson who called this a ‘doh moment’?


Umm the later album is Highway 61 Revisited.

Two separate roads two separate songs.

Named Highway 61 - the road from his birth place to Memphis - mentioned in his book Chronicles Vol 1.


Plonker (to self).

So he didn’t sing about the highway that he did later revisit?


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No (well who knows when it comes to Dylan) he didn’t even write the song Highway 51.

I’ve just had a call from my newsagent. He has ‘Highway 61 Revisited’ for me. I’ve had him put by a second copy, which will be passed on as a gift for my son to go with his new LP12.

I still find it odd to be buying quality LPs from the newsagent.

Well, we’ve moved up a gear (or two) this week, with ‘Blonde On Blonde’ on sale at the moment. This would be the ‘Desert Island’ Bob Dylan record for me, if I were forced to choose only one.

This may be, whisper it, because he ‘went electric’ on this one.

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B on B might also be my BD desert island disc but it wasn’t when he went ‘electric’. Half of Bringing It All Back Home was with plugged-in musicians, and Highway 61 Revisited (1965) was almost entirely with amplified instruments.

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Thanks for the correction, Clive. Now, if I’d played Highway 61 when I got it a fortnight ago, I’d have remembered that. But the new LPs won’t be played until I’ve got the Te Kaitora installed.

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