Bob Dylan Travelin’ Thru

The latest Bootleg Series (1967 to 1969) has lots of stuff from Nashville Skyline and John Wesley Harding, but the meat is his playful duetting with Johnny Cash, with some superb contributions from Carl Perkins. 50 Tracks for $32 less 20% (HDTracks 96/24). Whats to complain about ?


Yes great value considering how much some of these sets are priced at these days.

Amazed that Dylan and the band had the John Wesley Harding and Nashville Skyline numbers nailed in the first few takes.

Interesting bit about Colombia not paying the rent on the Nashville storage depot and losing some of the tapes.

Above all the set shows what a gent Johnny Cash was.

As always with the bootleg series hats off to the Dylan team for content and pricing.


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