Bob Marley Biopic film

Here is a trailer for the Bob Marley Biopic film released next month.


Looks good. About time there was a movie

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I love Bob Marley. Great music, great guy. Play him all the time.
Not sure if I could be bothered with the movie tho. Maybe …

I won’t be rushing to the cinema either but if it brings Bob and his message to a new young audience then it’s all good.


That’s a good thought, Bob.

Looking at the trailers it looks a bit Disneyfied for my taste and the actor playing Bob just isn’t convincing but hopefully the soundtrack has some hidden gems.

I daresay It’ll be an uncritical worship-fest.

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Based on anything substantive?

I’ve just got back from the cinema, it’s ok really. It covers the time from the shooting until the One Love concert and is centred around the recording of the Exodus album in London.

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