Bob Sherman is retiring

After 54 years on the air, as both a classical music programmer and host for NYC’s WQXR and a folk music host at WQXR and later the eclectic NYC popular music station WFUV, Bob Sherman is retiring.

On this topic, the Beeb are shedding presenters quite embarrassingly and the latest to go is the great Ken Bruce after 31 years, next to be heard on Greatest Hits Radio. It’s all good apart from one thing - the stream for GHR on the Naim App is something like 46kps!! It sounds okay…but not great.

Regional variations of gh gives 112kbps. Not good but just about listenable to. I am confused though. Originally the report was that Ken was going to MFR2 one of the gh stations in Scotland. Is he going to be broadcast across all of the regional streams, which makes more sense.


I’m local to the Liverpool location for GHR and all week they have been promoting their appointment of Ken Bruce. So I guess that wherever he actually is, we will all probably be hearing from him. Location no longer seems to matter. I believe Roger (Twiggy) Day who is regular on Boom Radio does all of his shows from Spain :smile:

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Bob who?

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See link above.

Plus this link from WQXR, NYC’s leading classical music station.

He’s been on the air since the 1960s and is retiring at age 90.

Sherman? Isn’t that an American WWII tank?:thinking: Maybe not related to Bob…:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Of course, as an American, I could ask who the heck is Ken Bruce. :grin:

(Had to look him up.)


I’m in the UK. I’ve never heard (of) Ken Bruce either :upside_down_face:

I listen to the wrong stations obviously!

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His brother, Ben, used no make shirts. :joy:


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