Bobbie Gentry alert!

Fans of the Queen of the Delta, the mighty Bobbie Gentry, are in for a treat tonight if they tune into BBC4.

From 9pm, Auntie will be broadcasting ALL existing episodes from her three BBC series she did in the late 60s and early 70s. Get your PVRs set - mine is.



Thanks for the notice, I would have missed it otherwise


My recorder is set. Apparently the musical arrangements for this show were done by John Cameron, very classy. I remember seeing some of these at time of broadcast.

Was that Alexis Korner on guitar backing Long John Baldry?

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It definitely wasn’t Alexis Korner. I’ve found out via Google that it was Bernie Holland.


Cheers for that. On the Donovan episode it must have been Harold McNair on flute.

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Absolutely brilliant - what a talent and guess list.

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Bobbie Gentry was never an artist I would have been bothered about in the slightest, 10 years ago…

Since then, surprisingly maybe, after getting into some alt. country/blues/bluesgrass (or call it what you may, I lose track of titles) like John Hiatt and Ry Cooder, I came across Bobbie, with the recently distilled 2 CD ‘best of’ from the fairly recent ‘Girl from Chickasaw County’ set.

I’m in, Kev. :smile:

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