Boenicke + Naim?

Hi all,

Does anyone have experience with Boenicke floor standing speakers and Naim, either home or demo? I found a thread on the W5 and Atom but am particularly interested in W8 and W11, especially if driven with NAP300.

They seem to receive high levels of praise with all sorts of amplification but I cant find feedback on them used with Naim.

I hope to be able to demo in a few weeks but would appreciate feedback from anyone with experience…

“Nom. impedance: 6 ohms (drops to 2 ohms below 120 Hz in case loudest bass setting is chosen”

Perhaps not an easy load. Definitely do your research.

I agree, they don’t appear to be an easy load but after reading of good results with the Atom and W5 (same impedance), they seem worth investigating.

I remember reading that a NAP300 was tested and capable of driving a 2 ohm load and as these speakers present a 2 ohm load only if the loudest (of 5) bass setting is selected, I wonder if there is still scope for good results.

I appreciate the alert though, due diligence definitely required…

Very interested in feedback on W5 and W8 as well (was thinking of a Uniti Nova, XS 3 or SN3 with it).

Quick bump, on the off chance…?

Meanwhile where you able to audition the Boenicke?

No, I am away from home and it will be a few weeks before I can arrange anything.

Home a little early and managed an impromptu demo of standard W8 with a Uniti, (Nova I think but it could have been the other one).

I wasn’t prepared for how physically small they are, especially the W5 which they had nearby. Oh, here we go I thought, a hyped up joke speaker…

W11s were in place but I wanted to start with the W8 and they were plonked into place without much faffing around. A big room, around 90m2 floor area and very high ceilings so a task to fill the space - but they did and without shouting.

Easy to listen to, natural timbres, beautiful voices, detailed but not overly analytical. Very musical and way more sound than should be possible from such tiny enclosures. No loss of detail listening at low levels and the sweet spot was huge without losing imaging. Quite impressive.

There was some smearing of the mids and they lacked a little speed compared to my Neat MFS, a little rounded off if that makes sense. To be fair, there wasn’t much (any) effort put into positioning, the room was difficult and they would likely benefit from a meatier amp so I will be back for another listen, a little better prepared.

I only had time for a short demo but based on what I heard, I am keen to hear what the SE upgrade does and I really want to see what the W11s are capable of (I didn’t want to start there though). If they keep the musicality but bring more speed to the party, they could be serious contenders.

Sound aside, if you want something unobtrusive and able to fill a space with sound without filling that space with big boxes, take a look !

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