Boenicke W22 impressions

Had the pretty awesome experience today to be at a session where Sven Boenicke himself demo’ed the flagship Boenicke W22.

Being already a fan of the brand, I jumped at the chance of hearing these.

What they were able to conjure up was nothing short of reality. They create a perfect image, totally disappearing in the room and offering floor shaking bass with their built in 600w bass driver amplifiers.

The were demoed on an all Boenicke system. I was quite surprised to find out that all the components are battery driven (aside from the built in amps for the bass drivers, of course).

But, as I know first hand with their littlest of brothers, they should pair perfectly with Naim as well.

Crazy how fast 1.5 hours can pass :grin:


Ah, Wilbert. A long time Naim dealer.

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You spotted it! :smile:

I’ve heard good things about these speakers but the closet dealer for me is a 4+ hour plane ride.

The were pretty darn impressive but that’s a long way to go for a demo :grimacing:

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Looks like some fluff is stuck to the treble?:thinking:

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That’ll be the spider.

Hmmm suppose as it had just been shipped from Switzerland for the demo there could have been some packing material or something. Well spotted haha.

At least it did not change the experience for those present.

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Whatever it is it’s part of the design. It’s there on all pictures of W22.

Oh haha it’s the reflection. Made to look like fluff by the uneven surface and my iPhone camera :laughing:

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Out of curiosity, what is the cost of the speakers.



The official stance is that there is no price published and the price is determined with the buyer. Purchase includes delivery and setup by Sven Boenicke himself. I believe it’s a Focal Grande Utopia kind of price.

For myself it’s something I’m just happy I could actually hear playing.


They look expensive.

Just a highlight on the cone from the lights.


Was it the long awaited integrated or the pre/power Boenicke electronics?

The tweeter is (suspendet) floating in the speaker chassis.
Actually from the approach philosophy quite close to preview naim speakers. Fex SL2.

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Was pre/power as far as I could see.

And all the drivers of the W22 are floating.

Even brought an example like this to show how it is done:

In fact the entire speaker enclosure can also move on the base

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Thank you for clearifying. The large elektronics are quite costly.
Could you please mention a bit around the presentation of the electronics? How did it compare to naim, if it is possible for you to describe?

I was surprised how well my 11SE integrates. There is no possibility in my country for an audition of Boenicke, so i bought my blind 2nd hand The first two weeks were a kind of shock. Everything sounded shut in and muddy, but after 2 weeks of acclimatisatiin in my space ( needed for this kind of speaker, since it is milled out of a block of solid wood) it started to open up. And boy, now it is just unbelievable. The rendering of instruments and voices, my main decission for buying this speaker, is so present, autentic and beautiful. I felt the SL2 is a master in this field as well, but the middones and weights of the 11SE is something elseare.


Hard to do a comparison as I did not hear the W22 on Naim. But I cannot imagine it being a bad combination.

I agree about the speakers. My W5SE+ are also just way better than anything else I listen to in the same playing field. As you say the mid tone rendering is nothing short of incredible.

You are lucky to have found 11s second hand! Was it a good deal?

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Right now I just have a 200Dr paired with the 552DR. The 500 Dr is packed down due to space reasons. I am still astonished how well this combo renders even komplex classical /orchestral music.

I really loved the SL2 and lived with it for over 13 years in the 500 set. Still not sure if I want it let go to a new place to sing or keep in the storage for later occasions. The Sl2 might still be faster, but just
doesn`t manage the scale of realizm compared to the Boenickes.

I asked after the intergrated, since I want to scale downt to a one box solution with a really good riaa on bord.

Had an Dartzeel 8550 MK1 from a friend for some days visit and this golden fellow was just amazing.


There’s now an interview with Sven Beonicke and his W22 over at Youtube and Alpha audio channel.