Bolt down transformers in new classic series

Dear @110dB,
I always thought that this was detrimental to the sound quality. What has changed since the old series? Apart from the obvious difference of toroidal transformer mounting.
I suppose this has a positive impact with regards transformers getting excited by bad mains? Are there any other aspects here like filters to remove DC offsets from the mains
Thanks in advance

Is this a continuation of an otherwise invisible discussion?

No idea. It was a genuine question because I seem to remember that bolting down the transformer sounded worse, which is maybe the case for ultra fine changes🤔
The main thing though is has Naim added something to remove DC offsets from the mains.
I guess @110dB has gone back to his normal day job
Either that or my request was made at much less than @110dB and he didn’t hear😂

You may have got more responses if you posted in the main thread.
Why start a new one?

You need 111dB :rofl:

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Sorry, but you start firing questions out of nowhere, which make no sense to a reader coming fresh to the thread, because they do not have the necessary background information. Up to you, I suppose.

Dear @graham55
The current new classic series thread is not very modular😂
Good luck in wading through all that information to find something specific. It’s like reading a book with one chapter🤣

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Yes but with the room treatments I start reaching for the volume control which is already high
In summary I do not want to start new loudness wars​:rofl::wink:


Hi @anon17458420,

We bolt the transformer down (and stick it), it’s how we bolt it down that matters to us :slight_smile: We have changed the bolts but not the forces. While it looks different it is mechanically very similar.

If a transformer is too rigidly mounted we found it didn’t sound as good. There’s mechanical forces (vibrations) from the transformer. Under the transformers is a compressible foam. The bolt is torqued to given a compression on the foam that also damps the chassis (diaphragm) and the windings.

We do not add filters or DC blockers to the transformers. Tried many times and the SQ takes too much of a step back. We do have a new annealing process for the transformer core. The core has an additional noise test before completing the transformer.

Also…transformers are heavy, we drop test all products as part of new product verification.



Thanks Steve for a comprehensive reply and it’s good to know that certain dubious practices that are definitely detrimental and take that life away do not find their way into the new classic series. Drop testing sounds very sensitive in this day and age :sweat_smile:. I was listening to my funny Valentine Chet baker on enja label with a mains purifier which I don’t remember the name of and it removed that live feel of the venue. This was with a supernait3 with my Auralic. Can’t mention the rest…. But let’s just say excellent speakers.
Another completely disastrous experiment was with a balanced supply with Low pass filter that completely mucked things up. I think even Adam tried it and said the music returned when his 552 was plugged back into the mains. Interesting regarding the annealing process.

Alas I will not be tempted by the new classic series but may try some secondhand DR products like a Supercap for my 252, but this will probably only happen when my system moves to its retirement location in a few years

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