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I read a lot ,preferring the Kindle but this can get expensive once you get tucked into a series. Detectives,spying and fantasy are my chosen time wasting styles.
I have started to use the local library again and to take advantage of their enormous catalogue. The problem is that often in paperback form the books are so dully printed with tiny font on less than white paper I find them difficult to read for any extended period.
My main reading light is an Anglepoise but it doesn’t give me the brightness I need. Before I splurge on a serious readers light can any one offer an alternative?

As someone partially-sighted who has also struggled with this I’m equally interested in any answers.

The light Darko has highlighted in his videos was of interest but isn’t readily available in the UK.

I’ve somehow, over the years, managed to end up with eight Serious Reader lights, including floor lamps, desk lamps and bedside wall lamps. The are simply the best and worth every penny. Just buy one - you won’t regret it.


As a budget option, try a “daylight” bulb rather than the normal warm white.
I bought a box of two 12 watt, 1500 lumen bulbs that are marked as 6500 k rather than the normal 2700 or 3500 k. About £5 in Home Bargains.
Use then in my “workshop”, a really white light.

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The Serious Readers lamps are 3500K for the older halogen versions, 4000K for the newer led versions.

I suspect the CRI (colour rendering index) of 99% is more important.

A suitable ‘bulb’ in a lamp you like is probably fine - although not necessarily cheaper!

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I will try a 6500k @15 watts in the anglepoise but I think a SeriousReaders was already half way to being purchased. I have three reading chairs so £12.00 won’t be wasted on the bulb.
Serious have a refurb site on eBay. Might go that route.
Thanks for a very good review.


Nick, if you access your library catalogue on line you may well find many popular titles in electronic format. EPUB , MOBI and other formats can be converted to Kindle with a little research. Older texts can be found at The Amazon support pages explain how to upload files to your kindle which has a special email address.

I have found that IKEA reading lights and a daylight bulb are sufficient for me at the moment after cataract surgery and prescription glasses. Serious Readers seem expensive for what they are!

I have a very old Anglepoise, stylishly stripped back to the bare metal, with a 60W white bulb on my desk. Makes reading The Times and doing its crossword almost as easy as it was twenty years ago, when my vision was 20/20.

Actually, the crossword seems to be more difficult than I found it twenty odd years ago!

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Liking the look pf Serious Reader. Thank you all.

Thanks. I am investigating borrow-box from Essex Libraries.
Works via an app on the iPad and will offer an alternative as well as helping to keep libraries alive.

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