Bookshelfs paired with Atom; placed on shelf close to the wall

Hello guys!

I moved recently from my old apartment to the new one. Unfortunately, space is limited and only place I can place my speakers is shelf, and obviously close to the wall. I sold my old and beloved PMC Twenty 22s with stands, and bought Linn Majik 109s. And the are pretty good, but I was debating to buy something more “hi-end”. Sometimes, I miss details I got from the PMCs.

So, I am looking for recommendations for bookshelfs that:

  1. Are not super sensitive on positioning since they will sit on a shelf close to the wall.

  2. Work well with my much loved Atom.

P.S. There is option to sell Atom, and buy something like LS50 Wireless II. But I really love my Atom. :frowning:


Concentric with the port on the bottom of the speaker.


PMC and ATC do wall mounting speakers.
Or this:

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These dont seem like an upgrade over PMCs or Linns.

I went with Ophidians in a miniature office room.

Both Minimo and Mojo are top performance bookshelfs which works close to rear wall.
They do need a bit power though.

Another fine option is Neat Iota which might need a bit more distance if memory serve.

Proactive Tablette 10s perhaps… I have Harbeth P3ESRs and they seem better with a little bit of space. The traditional LS3/5a’s might be a shot but I think would be a downgrade from your 109s.

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I was researching Tablettes and P3. They seem like the only “obvious” choice.

You need to listen to some Proac Tab 10’s. I had exactly the same set up - Atom driving Tab 10’s on shelves close to the wall. They were very special together and if I had to put together a system again for a small room with near field listening I would go back to Atom/Tab 10’s


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