Boom Rock Internet radio launched Valentines Day. 14th February 2024

Boom Rock is the third Boom Radio station. Sounding good.
Maybe another nail in the BBC radio coffin?
(although BBC has announced four more stations even though existing popular stations are losing listeners hand over fist. When in a hole stop digging! - Maybe an attempted spoiler).

Boom Rock may not be available on vTuner/Naim yet.

URL details for you to connect or setup a link.
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… errr ??? Yes BBC has masterminded a mass exodus in so called planning.
And this planning, has it seems to me, has resulted in the presenters who are loosing the listeners. The most notable e.g. is Vernon Kay who has lost 1.3m since he took over from Ken Bruce who has added 800k to his new GHR show.
Local radio has gone thru a series of cuts and mergers and it looks like all have lost listeners. Seems Devon & Cornwall are really bad.

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Does it have adverts?

Yes but no funding from the TV licence fee!
Only heard one advert on launch day and that was for a music festival.
Also little rabbit.
They also have track metadata.
Take a listen.

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I will stick with R6 I think, prefer more contemporary music rather than listening to my youth again. I had a look the the website and it said David Hamilton was a DJ there, enough to keep me away without the adverts. But for those that like the Boom radio offering it seems pretty good.

Listened to Boom rock this afternoon, very nice choice of tracks and some album tracks too, so not all the usual No. 1’s only.

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If you prefer other eras - fine.
I normally spend a lot of time listening to jazz stations.
For your information David Hamilton is not a listed presenter on the Boom Rock channel.
I have listened all day on launch day, and quality and content has been excellent.
Good to have another UK station where they play the music, no DJ rabbit and track metadata.
@Stevesky Have vtuner sorted the link it out?

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Hi Paul, still no sign of Boom Rock on V tuner. I’ve not otherwise tuned into Boom Rock as yet, but if it’s as good as Nicky Horne’s 4-6pm programme weekdays on “standard” Boom, then I’ll be tuning in as soon as it’s listed.

@Stevesky Boom Rock still missing and lots of others -
see list.
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