Bower & Wilkins with Naim

I have a 72, 140 and a hicap boxed sitting on top of a wardrobe and i’m thinking of taking advantage of black Friday with a pair of B & W 606 with £150 off complement the Naim. Can someone tell me would the NAP140 drive these speakers okay ? Also i have Naim speaker cable NAC A5 terminated with naim plugs on both ends, would they fit into B & W 606 ?

Yes, the 140 is absolutely fine. Nac A5 naim termination plugs go on the amp side, but at the speaker side you nead something different. It won’t fit.

These B&Ws are fine loudspeakers, but the need space. If you want them close to a wall, or on your desk or so, go for something else. They are rear ported and prone to bass boom.

One more thing, I have the CM5’s and these 606 seems like the successor of them in the cheaper line. B&W supplies reflex port bungs and these tame the bass significantly. That’s good.

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It’s always best to use whatever plugs best match the speaker socketry. However, as a temporary measure, if you carefully unscrew the plastic housing of the Naim SA8 speaker connector you can then use the 4mm plugs in sockets that have a wider spacing than the SA8 spacing.

I assume here that it is the spacing that’s the issue, or do the 606s not have any 4mm sockets?

I have no experience with this specific model, but have the 702’s myself, and with those I found the bungs to make little difference, more fine-tuning than any significant change.

I only inserted them in an attempt to prevent my daughter from posting things into them, so was pleasantly surprised that the difference was only subtle. Of course at some point the bungs themselves disappeared down one of them. Now there’s an old stocking around the port (on the inside).

I used B&W 604’s with a SuperUniti and Nova and wasn’t pleased with both combinations personally. I found the B&W’s too neutral to bring out the musicality of the Naims.

Your mileage may vary ofcourse, plugging the bass ports of the B&W’s is definitely recommended for most scenarios in my experience.

I had a pair of B&W CM6 mk2 speakers and thought they were really good. Looked great and they were very detailed. Used with a SN2.

You do have to be careful pairing them with the right DAC, interconnects and speaker cables though as they can end up sounding bright. I was using them in a relatively small room without the need of the bungs…just make sure you have at least 30-50cm from the walls. I found isolation feet helped to tighten the bass as well.

According to a review it says “Around the back of the speaker, you’ll see B&W’s Flowport vent and a pair of twin banana plugs for bi-wiring”. That’s standard banana 4mm plugs, is it not ?

I would assume so.

Yes, standard terminals with 4mm sockets, suitable for banana plugs/the plugs from a disassembled Naim plug, as Richard mentioned (with care to make sure the plugs/any bare wires can’t touch).

Jumper links join the two sets of terminals for single-wired connection – leave these in place. Some seem to prefer the sound with the banana plugs connected into the upper (HF) terminals, others in the lower (LF) ones: if you can bothered, try each and listen, and – if you think you can hear any difference – use the ones you prefer.

Well it’s a good job i checked naim kit before i bought the speakers because it seems the hi cap has packed up. They’ve been in storage for about 15 years and it’s true what they say " if you don’t use it, you’ll loose it." When i turned on the hi cap for the '72 the logo/display flickered and the fizzled out and died. I put a multi meter for output voltage of the hi cap and there was zero volts (supposed to be 24v) but the logo/display was still lit up. I checked the '72 with a super cap from my main system and that lit up. I’m sure the 140 is okay because when i switched it off the speakers popped like they normally do when you switch it off (more tests later). Now i know you can run the '72 with the 140 without the hi cap but you need the “blanking plug” if i remember correctly, that fits into the '72 ? I’ve just got remember where that plug is.

Fits in the right most socket

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That’s it 5 pin. Thank you.

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