Bowers and Wilkins PM1, what do you think?

need your opinion about bookshelf speaker about :
Bowers and Wilkins PM1

  • how about sound quality especially if driven by Naim ?
  • This speaker is made in China, designed in England, is it worth owning?
  • Do you now street price in pristine/ like new condition with box include ?

thank you

fantastic, fantastic, no idea.

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I had a pair for about 6 years. On dedicated stands. Looks are, to use a British phrase, a bit marmite (I really liked them, but not all friends did). Overall I was really happy with them, lasted all the way from an Arcam system, through ND5XS/SN2, to Qutest/282/250. I used a REL sub with them and thought that worked well. Replaced them last year with the floorstanding Proacs which I prefer because of the deeper bass and the ribbon tweater. No idea on current price Iā€™m afraid. Hope that helps


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