Brand new Nac 282

After 7 years with my 2004 nac 202 I pulled the trigger on a brand new 282! I have a hicap2 bought new old stock 2 years ago and a nap200 the same. Im now in the stage of recovering from the outlay but looking forward to the new, and of course the break in period :wink:

This is going thru ATC scm7 mk2 and a rel strata3 subwoofer, my front end is a 2023 LP12,karousel,koil,lingo4. trichord dino mk3 with the never connected power supply. My system sounds pretty good already but im figuring the 282 will push things forward a tad more plus give me options on a supercap at some point…


Perhaps you mean NAC282?


yes a nac282 is what I was talking about, in the context of my post its reasonably obvious that im talking about the 282 yes? :wink:


Yes I knew you meant that and it was just a gentle pointer in case you wished to change the title of your thread. I actually clicked on it because I thought it concerned an iMac. :smiley:

ahh sh{{t, I didn’t notice the spell correction on the thread title, my apologies sir, im very caffeinated right now after doing the purchase hahaha


Haha, no problem :+1:

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Many years ago, I had a 102 - which I never really liked. So much so that I re-purchased a 72.

Then I bought an 82. Immediately - hugely better. Enjoy… :slightly_smiling_face:

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yes many years ago I had a 102 and didn’t like it at all! I got myself a nice clean 72 and loved it then sold everything when I moved out of the country. after a few years when I came back south the 202.

Enjoy it - I love mine.

Congratulations with the new NAC 282 and I am sure you are going to enjoy it for years to come! I ran a pair of the ATC SCM 7’s with my NAC 282 system for close to a year and they were mighty sweet!

Let us know how it sounds over the next couple of months as it settles in…


NAC282 - best pre-amp I ever enjoyed; wish I’d never moved on! If you can; Supercap and 300DR and you’ll be in permanent heaven if you enjoy that wonderfully engaging forward balance… Enjoy!!


cheers, I will keep you updated, I even think cold out of the box it will trounce the nac202 in every area, and as it breaks in will only improve more. Yes you have the newer scm7, mine are the two tone cases with the cherry and the grey fronts, I have mine on target r4 stands, those stands I moved from London to vienna and back to liverpool again as they are super rare and expensive these days, I even have their original boxes in the attic :wink:

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By coincidence I’ve got a fairly new Nac 282 recently.
It replaced a nice serviced Nac 82.

Last 282 ownership were maybe 12+ years ago. - a very early edition, which at that time were replaced with another 82 - I preferred the 82 by then.

I am quite surprised these late 282 seem to better early 282, no idea why.
Also surprised how it surpassed the 82 this time.

Did you have to mention the 300DR being so good with a 282? lol… stares at bank balance… :joy:

I’m afraid if you expect “night and day” “sounded broken” “blew out of the water” or trounced you will be disappointed.

The 282 is a great Pre I really enjoyed my time with it but it didn’t trounce my 202 just as my 552 didn’t trounce my 282. Such talk is delusional nonsense IMHO and best avoided.

Enjoy your 282, it s better than the 202 but the 202 is in the 98th percentile of preamps on the planet earth and wont be trounced.



I own both 282 and 202 I completely agree with @Sloop_John_B

the 282 trouncing the 202 is just hype as I listen to both daily and enjoy them daily equally

The 282 has more soundstage than the 202, and maybe better better bandwidth, and more control,so yes the 282 is better than 202, but it also costs more.

I learnt gradually the importance of the source, in the end even a 500 series amp just amplifies a source, it doesn’t add any new information


The 300DR is exceptional with a 282 despite going against conventional system hierarchy.

I used a 300DR for a short while, replacing a 250DR with a 282/HiCap DR > SuperCapDR before adding a 252. By far the biggest improvement in this upgrade frenzy was changing the 250DR to 300DR.


You’re not helping! :joy::joy::joy:

Thanks Dickie… I appreciate the thoughts. Just going to have earn that next bonus aren’t I?

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Excellent, 202>282 paradigm shift.


How does the 282 compare to the 82?

I really enjoyed the 82/supercap with the NAP 300.