Bravo! the PR team

My girlfriend spotted the “Naim Mu-so for Bentley speaker system” in the Times’ Luxx supplement today, Saturday 15th May.

“…Naim has a long record of kitting out Bentleys with spectacular audio systems and it is a sign of just how good this domestic version is that my two nieces, who are usually no more interested in my tech than my unsolicited advice, instantly detected the superior sound quality [over the reviewer’s own Sonos] and wanted to know more.”

Bravo! to all involved at Naim.


Naim will need these “lifestyle” products to continue creating extraordinary hi fi that old geezers like us enjoy.


Thank you :relaxed:


I’m just so pleased that Naim has managed to get this product in front of an AB readership, a demographic that is possibly a bit sniffy about our hobby but whose opinion might be swayed by endorsement in Luxx.

Next stop, the Statement. Wouldn’t that be great!

Lifestyle coverage is a major focus for us. Mu-so for Bentley alone has been in Times LUXX and Wallpaper* magazines in the past week, following on from appearing in Forbes, Country Life, GQ and even Vogue. And yes, even Statement has made the odd appearance :slight_smile:


The Times is a dreadful rag and there is no way I’d give it houseroom. Get Naim in the Guardian! There are quite often lifestyle pieces with hifi and the like and Naim never gets a mention. It’s missing something to focus on Country Life and other ‘posh’ media. Many readers would probably rather buy a new gun or pheasant plucker than Naim.


Pah discussion at Guardian readers dinner party in Camden on seeing the Unitinova and Focals “well I’m sure it’s very good darling but surely that Sonos stuff is better”!


Not sure the average Grauniad readership would be overly in tune with expensive luxury branding…


They are just a bunch of inverted snobs :wink:


Stop press: Today my girlfriend saw the wood Muso in John Lewis and loved it! “It was very pale.”

(This is a breakthrough, her previous opinion of everything Naim is that it is hideous.)

For the marketing and PR teams, she has Elle Decoration on subscription, and reads the Sunday Times’ Style magazine first when filleting the paper.


She sounds like a woman with style. :+1:

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