Breath New Life into Muso 1st Gen

I’ve just taken my Muso out of storage after a year and have been struck by just how inadequate it is for my current needs. It doesn’t support Quboz which I have adopted since buying Naim seperates and Airplay 2 seems to no longer work (connects but no sound for few seconds then disconnects). My first instinct was to sell and buy a new 2nd Gen Qb but the resale/trade in value unusually for NAIM is next to nothing so I’m just wondering if anyone has managed to bring one up to speed for modern streaming using the optical or USB connections - any thoughts? (considered a Mojo/Poly but would cost more than new muso lol)

I’m using a ChromeCast Audio for Qobuz on one of my systems. I think you can connect one using optical into the Muso.

There’s toslink near the power socket, so you can plug in any streamer you like with optical output.

Thanks both think I’ll try and get a Chromecast audio on a well known auction site then

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You can use multi room, with your ND5XS2 as master, to get Qobuz to your Muso 1st edition. I do this from my Atom to my Muso QB. It’s obviously a workaround and there are limits to high resolution material especially if you’re doing it wirelessly, but it works well enough for me.



May I recommend an Airport Express or an Apple TV 3Gen?

I’ve not used it on my Muso since it has no issues, but I have plugged in a CD player to test.

Fun fact, a NAT05 also works when plugged into the 3.5mm input.

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I used to use an Chromecast audio with my 1st gen. Qb. Definitely recommend. You’ll also need an 3.5mm jack to toslink SPDIF cable, it doesn’t come with one.

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