Bringing a European Naim device to the US

Hi the passionated,
I am wondering if a European Uniti Nova can be used in the US?
On the back of the device, both power settings are written on a label, but I do also see a sticky label marked 230 V.
Therefore can the device just been used replacing the power chord or will I need a new transfo and what kind?
Thanks folks.

AFAIK, it would require a voltage conversion to be done by Naim before it leaves Europe or by Naim’s US distributor once it arrives Stateside. Your Naim dealer can provide you with an indication as to how much this will cost and the turnaround time.

Hmm I think you might well find that the new Unitis will work on either power system with an appropriate power plug on the end of the lead, but a quick phone call to Naim support will clarify that.



It certainly won’t be cheap, but AV Options in Chicagoland are an authorized Naim service and repair shop. I think Basil audio out in San Francisco are authorized to do service work too.

David, you may be thinking of the Mu-Sos here. I just looked at the back of the Atom here and it’s clearly marked as a 230V unit.

My only question is whether it’s a simple rewire of the Tx, replacement fuse, re-label and new mains lead, or whether it requires a new transformer. I’m sure @NeilS can clarify here.

Well I just looked at my UnitiCore and this is clearly marked as working at either voltage, but with different fuse values, the 240 v fuse being lower current. The paper label which says 240V presumably just indicates which fuse values are fitted in the unit.

So I still think you change the plug on the end of the mains lead, but you do also have to change the Internal fuse as indicated on the unit.

But definitely worth asking Naim the question.



Hopefully @NeilS will see the thread and clarify. I don’t want anyone blowing up their Uniti by mistake.

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The Uniti range are most definitely NOT multi-voltage.
The rear panel shows the fuse ratings for each voltage range, but the voltage is fixed at whatever the sticky label denotes.
The transformers are the rewirable type.
This range also requires the operating system to be reconfigured & as far as I know, at present this can only be done in Salisbury.



Excellent. Thank you Neil for clarifying.

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Ok I am happy to be corrected and it’s useful to know.

I would just point out that it doesn’t say anything like that in the online manual on Naim’s website (I looked this afternoon) so maybe a FAQ on this point would be a good idea as the metal label on the back of the unit is at least ambiguous.



Thanks everyone, this is true that it is ambiguous! This is sad news for my Nova, not sure what would be the cost of such a change :frowning:

If you look at the back it tells you the fuse rating required for whether it’s either 100-120V or 220-240V, and then the big label to left of that tells you on what voltage the unit is to be used. Checking my other Naim kit, this is consistent with that format.

Naim Atom backside

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