I have a subscription for £5.99/month.

No idea if it’s a current offer only, but checking subscription settings on iPhone they have annual subscriptions for £29.99 and £59.99 - I’d buy at £59.99 but for under £30 seems a bargain currently. Can’t see there’s any real difference.

We pay $80 per year bth there’s not a lot of content. We had a problem with not being able to disable captions and found their customer support very frustrating, don’t think I’ll be renewing.

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Content has gradually increased in the UK over the last couple of years, I use it on an AppleTV. Don’t have issues with closed captions, though there were some glitches with audio settings and no video just audio a couple of years ago.

I think it’s now good value if you enjoy the content. Perhaps content is more limited outside UK.

Think that’s the case a lot of the stuff on it have already shown on our National Broadcaster (ABC). Originally we only got it to see the last season of Line Of Duty.

I use it on Apple TV as well, oddly enough they claim it was the fault re the caption problem and not their app.

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I tried it for a few months at the start. Then took a break for a few months and now I’m back again. With NETFLIX serving the Kill-em/Zombie/Shoot-em genre and Britbox serving the more cultured genre (plus iplayer) I find all the boxes are ticked.

At the start the interface was bit clunky but it seems fine now. I do get peeved though when, occasionally, it will want me to reverify via the web site 'cause then I have to power up the PC &c.

It can still take half an hour each night finding something to watch though!

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I find that with all the streaming services - there’s so much content out there now it can be really hard to find something you enjoy unless you’ve seen it before and can directly search for it!

tbh I’d say 50%, maybe more, of what we watch is re-watched. For example, last night, we re-watched the first two episodes of Desperate Romantics (iplayer) which we already watched over a decade ago.

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