Broken connector on 2 RCA to 5 pin DIN cable

So, anybody else had this happen to them? Brand new (OK, 2 weeks old), genuine Naim interconnect from a reputable Naim dealer here in the UIK. Fairly disappointed to say the least.

I went to disconnect the RCA plugs to check the cable as I noticed the left channel of my phono stage was cutting in and out. Whilst removing the RCA plugs, the centre pin of the connector on the left channel was actually left connected to my phono stage.

Is this a common occurrence? Any idea how to re-terminate? A quick Google/YouTUbe would seem to indicate I need a soldering iron and some soldering skills … :cry: Any other way to accomplish?

Send it back for replacement.


Those RCAs look different to any I’ve seen on a Naim cable. Are you sure it’s genuine?

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Found on the internet; same phono plugs.

Just get it swapped for a new one.


I am. Very reputable Naim dealer in Birmingham.

Thanks. Will do. Already emailed them.

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They must have started using different plugs since I last saw one. Just ask for a replacement.

I wouldn’t bother. As others have said, ask to swap it for another one. When receiving a new one try not to ‘twist’ the connectors when plugging-in and unplugging and certainly only gripping the main barrels when doing so. IME those plugs can twist the fine inner cable strands and break them quite easily if real care isn’t applied here.


Yes, they look a little different to the older gold Chord type plugs that used to be used.

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Last few I’ve seen forum members acquire have been the same, I bought these 2 months ago. No problem with mine, but I rarely remove/refit the RCA end.

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Thanks, will remember that. They’re a tight fit at the RCA end so I did end up twisting a bit, however have been treating them as gently as possible. Not exactly brimming with confidence after they weren’t able to survive 4 rounds of plugging and unplugging. Testing with various bits of source equipment. Bought this cable to compare with RCA–RCA interconnects.

Hi, I have had the same problem with my cable. Was looking at the Atlas Element Achromatic 5 Pin DIN to rca cable. Could anyone give me advice on this cable please.
Many thanks :+1:

Sorry forgot to say it is to connect my nac 282 to my phono preamp :+1:

Only one way to find out…

Update: cables returned to AA. They informed me it’s the second one they’ve had returned recently where something similar has happened and that they appear to be from the same batch; they’ve let Naim know.

Unfortunately they had no Naim brand cables in stock so they sent out a Chord Clearway at no extra cost. Two thumbs up :+1: :+1: from me!


The Chord Clearway is a great cable.

Mine was the other one which fell to bits when I was installing my new Rega P8 a month or so back. AA were excellent and sent me a replacement immediately. Not tried it yet as I am in the process of moving things around a bit!! :+1::smiley:. Incidentally my local electrical/radio dealer who also does some hifi work sold me a £10 lead to do the job whilst AA were making the arrangements for the replacement. My P8 sounded great into Naim 32.5/110 with that so looking forward to hearing the replacement soon!

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