Broken Stax headset

I am not a heavy user of headphones but will be moving intro an apartment soon and will need them for late night listening. I started with the Stax L300/SRM252 and most importantly I loved the sound from the electrostatics but the build quality is very low, the ear pads were very thin and the headband snapped quite quickly.

Do I upgrade the Stax to L500mk2 or L700mk2 or even the SR-007mk2 or start again with a headline amp, NAPSC with something like the Focal Celestee .

My budget is around €2,500 and if I was to go with the more expensive Stax, SR-007mk2 I would then try and pick up an appropriate driver second hand over the next 6 months.

All input appreciated.


Sorry to hear that your headband has failed!
I too have that paring and really love the sound.
It is their least expensive combo but if you love the sound I would be looking to stay with them.

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I have the SR-007mk2, 'phones (with SRDM transformer), which are superb, taking signal from the tape output of my NAC52. Unfortunately, some pissed idiot unwound the pads from the headband and I can’t reattach them.

I’m hoping that my dealer can help, otherwise they’ll need to go to the importer.

If the question is whether I recommend them, the answer is very much so!

(| bought mine over 10 years ago, so I imagine that a newer version is out now.)

Thanks for the feedback, I have found a US dealer who sells replacement aluminium headbands for L300, that will probably be my best option for now.

Have just found a good headset replacement for L300, will stick with them for now

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