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Hi there, I have a Unitiserve and UQ2. Before albumnumbers were below 1000 in Downloads I could scroll through the A-Z list in the Naim App of the UQ2 in one folder. Now there is a folder for each letter. In the n-serve app there are still no subfolders. Where can I change this for the UQ2 and is it possible to scroll though thousands of Albums in one folder?

Look in the Unitiserve downloads in the Naim app, and swipe down to reveal a search bar and some view icons. Hit A-Z and you can toggle between the two different views.

Still one folder for each letter :-/

Then you have probably enabled the ‘index feature’ in UPnP settings. You should be able to reset this in N-Serve or the DTC.

DTC is a good hint. I think there were values for A-Z, A-M, A-B etc from 0-1000 and I don‘t know what is for what… maybe I messed it up there.

Thx bro!! Index it was.

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