BT sender/receiver device for a 2nd hifi (naim) set or other

I have a question. Who uses BT (wireless) headphones for daily listening with their naim set? If someone does, what BT sender (bidirectional BT sender/receiver) is used for that?

I have been looking for a 2nd (mini) hi-fi set or table radio for a long time that can do this as standard. For example, I found Sonoro’s Prestige X that can do that. However, the sound of the Sonoro is so undefined / woolly with CD over the speakers and with wired headphones that that is not an option.

As a sidenote:
yes i know BT is a compromise but for my application it will do…

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I used a Fiio BTA30 for a similar type of application. I think we can’t post links so do a google search, but it will both recieve and transmit most BT codecs, including LDAC. As well as acting as a standalone DAC. Quite cheap.

Thanks Jay, I have seen the BTA30. It’s only digital in, isnt it?

Yes it is sorry. Although I didn’t in the end I planned to use it with my 272.

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Node 2i for digital stuff. Nobsound for analogue.

The difficulty with Analogue is the lack of a input level control for best resolution. I modified the Nobsound to better match my NAC 72.

A new kid on the block, which I haven’t tried, is the Pro-Ject Phono-Box E BT 5 which despite its name will also do line level and supports Aptx adaptive.

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I use a small cheap square box for both tx and rx, for android phone, and for computer sound (f1 tv) to rx naim, and for Naim tx to bt headphones. Make sure you find one with the latest bt version and one with aptx hd capability. Search amazon for BT sender receiver. Giveet have one, not the make I have but is similar to.

Thanks for suggesting this Pro-Ject. It looks that it will do the job.

I decided something completly different…

I bought myself a Muso QB-2. I am very impressed about the sound it makes, absolutly naim-sound.

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