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Posting this in the hope that Simon or others far more knowledgable than I may be able to assist. I have tried asking BT, but extracting an answer has proved difficult !

I am a BT broadband customer, using the BT Smarthub router (not Smarthub2).

Everything is working fine, but I would like to improve Wi-fi coverage in one part of the house. I have wired Ethernet in all rooms.

So my question is whether I could simply add one white BT “Whole Home” disc to my current set up, connected by Ethernet cable, so that it effectively becomes a Wireless Access Point (WAP), using the same network ssid and password as the Homehub 6.

I currently do this in a clunky manner using an old Apple airport as a WAP, broadcasting a separate ssid. Problem is, that as wireless devices move around the house, they seem to hang to a wireless signal even as it becomes weaker and weaker, rather than switch to a stronger signal. I usually then have to switch networks manually on the wireless device…as I said very clunky.

Since I have wired Ethernet in all rooms I want the disc to be hardwired to the network, but I don’t know if this is possible. The white discs have an Ethernet port on the back, but this might be for set up purposes only, I just don’t know.

Confusingly BT have also launched new black Wi-fi discs, called “Complete Wi-fi”, but my understanding is that they are not compatible with Smarthub (only Smarthub 2).

Hopefully this post might be of interest to others, I think many folks here use BT.


I think you can add a second smart hub that can be configured to do what you need. I looked into this before switching to Smarthub 2 and the black discs. Found info by google search at the time, maybe on the BT forum.

The point about the Mesh is that it should be the only Wifi network in your home. So it’s built into SH2 and extra disks can be added to extend the network. With SH you need two disk and need to turn the internal wifi off to get the full benefit. However, you can use the Ethernet to connect to the hub.

I split my 2.4 and 5 GHz networks to avoid some of the switching when the device can’t decide which is best.

I also installed an older TP Link extender/bridge with twin aerials running on 2.4 upstairs. It seems to be able to see through 6” concrete blocks. I have even streamed to the tv with Apple TV! As our place is 15 x 10 m approximately and we get coverage everywhere I feel content.

The only issue now is moving between the two.


That says you can plug an extension disc in to an ethernet port but it isn’t clear if you would still need a disc plugged in to the router

I have a BT SmartHub-2 & one disc, its in my average 4 bed detached house with a semidetached garage
Without the disc I get wifi good enough for phone & tablet use all over the house & about 35m from the house in the garden, but it struggles in the garage. Do I need a disc, no not really.

To connect up, the disc is paired with the SH2 over an ethernet, that takes a few minutes,
no IT expertise whatsoever required, then its disconnected from power & ethernet & relocated to wherever you (with or without the help from the excellent “My BT App”) want it.
I have mine placed as far from the SN2 as possible in the house & on the upper floor.
It’s not connected over ethernet, its all done with wifi & it just needs a power supply.
I still have the same wifi all over, but now further down the garden & now all good in the garage.

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Perfect! That’s what I need to get better Wi-fi to my summer house which is now my office.

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