Btwholehome reinstall

My Btwholehome network has stopped working. I have followed all the instructions to fix it, but no joy.
Does anyone know whether I can somehow force it to reinstall. I suspect that the primary disc (attached to the router) has failed and I would like to try to reinstall using another disc as the primary disc, but I don’t know how to approach it.
Any suggestions appreciated. I’m tearing what’s left of my hair out!

Have you tried turning them all off. Let the discs cool down and then turn them on again. When they stop working again, swap one of the secondary discs with the one you attach to the router. If you can get some or all of them back on, use the BT whole home app on your phone to restart the network. There is also a local address mybtdevice.home that you can connect to with a web browser. It possibly has a few more setup options than the app offers. My BT whole home network was not totally reliable to begin with, but swapping discs around and tweaking settings has sorted it out. Touches wood.

I had a similar problem yesterday when three of the discs were not working. I found that going into the settings on the app and choosing “Restart Network” sorted it.
It took a few minutes to restart but all is well now.

Thanks to both of you for your suggestions. I was really at a low point last night. Since I installed this network about 3 years ago, it has been super reliable. So to lose it in an instant was a body blow. No Music, no Netflix on TVs, no access to wifi for 2 Sky Boxes etc. etc. Our household had become so dependent on it bit by bit that it was a real shock.

The good news is that I got it part sorted before going to bed at 1.30 am and I managed to finish the job by 9.30 this morning. I had figured that the problem was failure of the primary disc but I couldn’t get any change by replacing it one of the others, and network restart didn’t work either.

With fingers crossed, I deleted the App (and all it’s settings!) and then reinstalled it. Thankfully, when I reopened it I was led through the disc setup process from the beginning. I substituted the suspected faulty disc and was rewarded eventually with a functioning primary disc. Despite having removed all the settings, 3 of the other 4 discs then reappeared in the app and their connected devices became available again.

As to the 4th, it appeared in the app but with a ‘disconnected ‘ status. No amount of coaxing would get it to function. Having watched a YouTube video about adding new discs, I deleted the recalcitrant disc from the App and then initiated the ‘add a new disc’ process. After following the instructions and with one or two hiccoughs, the disc finally connected and I had all of my devices back on line. Phew!

As I look at it now, it has been a valuable learning experience and I have hopefully learned enough about how the system works to resurrect it should the problem happen again. It’s a salutary lesson nevertheless.


I would like to commend this post for the use of the word hiccough alone. A spelling not seen in public for far too long :blush:


Thank you w33!

Every disk is the same. Just swap them around

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