Bubblesoft UPnP Server: getting there. Slowly

Until now, I’ve accessed Tidal through the Naim (Android) app - streaming to my ND5XS and/or Muso QB 1st Gen. It’s generally OK but from time to time suffers from drop outs. So, since I have a criminally underutilised Synology NAS, I thought I’d give Bubblesoft UPnP Server a try. The NAS is running DSM 7 so I have installed it in a Docker container and everything at that end seems to be running correctly. I’ve also installed Linn Kazoo on my Android phone and can (seemingly) select the ND5 and the Muso as playback devices. I can log into Tidal and select a track. So far, so good. But, when I hit play, Kazoo says “Collecting tracks” followed by “1 track added to DS” and then… silence. I’ve increased the volume in Kazoo (which, for some reason seems to default to 0) but there’s definitely nothing being sent to my streamer (no signs of life on the display either). Any suggestions? Thanks.
Edit: Should have mentioned that I can play tracks from Asset, which runs on the same NAS, using Kazoo as the controller. So I’m not convinced Kazoo’s talking to Bubblesoft at all.

Kazoo works OK for me. You could also try the Lumin app and see if it’s any better.

The BubbleUPnP app works well on Android too :slight_smile:

Having invested in Qobuz for the 222, I have struggled to cast it to my UQ2 system in my shed. Getting Bubble Server on my PC has taken over a week and could not make it work with Lumin on the iPhone but Kazoo came up trumps. Getting it to work seems to be arcane and a real need for a dummies guide. Good luck getting your Tidal sorted

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I’m running the same set up except on a QNAP with iOS naim and kazoo apps with Qobuz and it works without a hitch. I had too many problems with Tidal which prompted the switch to Qobuz. Tidal’s oauth2 login caused a lot of issues for me most notably getting logged in.

Thanks for your comments. I think I’ve cracked it. Using Bubble UPnP on my Android phone enabled me to see the native UPnP and the Openhome versions of the renderers so I could tell which version I was using. I had not realised that Openhome was a Linn thing, so Kazoo was only showing me the Openhome versions. And I hadn’t installed ffmpeg on the NAS so the FLAC streams were not being converted to WAV. After doing this, Kazoo started working also. It’s a shame that Bubblesoft and Kazoo both have such awful user interfaces (why can’t they be more like MConnect?) but I’m ready now to try out Qobuz and those promised HiRes Tdal streams.


OpenHome is not just a Linn thing. It’s an open streaming platform used on several streamers by several manufacturers including Auralic and Lumin. But glad you got it sorted.

Like you, I’m not a fan of Kazoo, but if you’re controlling from iPad or iPhone, Linn have an alternative control app, which I find pleasanter to use and greatly prefer.


You can hide renderers in the Bubble android app, meaning you can clean up some of the choices and UI clutter. It isn’t the best interface for sure, but it is certainly usable IMO. Hiding renderers from the main settings menu, if that’s of any use to you!?

I use it to stream Qobuz to my UQ1 and Primare NP5/Chord Hugo

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