BubbleUPnP/Naim app artwork issue

Bit of a strange one this. I normally just use the Naim iPad app when streaming a full album from my NAS but occasionally I use BubbleUPnP from my Samsung phone when I want to load a huge random number of tracks from the NAS (it can do thousands and it’s always random unlike the UQ2 which loads the same 500 every time).

When I use Bubble on the Samsung, I select my UnitiQute 2 as the renderer and I can open the Naim app on iPad to see what’s playing as it sits on a stand on my desk.

The issue is the artwork is only half on the screen at the right hand side. The rest of the app info is where it should be - artist, track, FLAC, progress bar, pause, next track, previous track, it’s just the album art that’s off to the side.

I asked the Bubble guy and he said all Bubble is doing is sending the URL -
“It looks as a bug of the Naim app to me, assuming BubbleUPnP displays the cover properly.
Speaking of which, BubbleUPnP just pass to your Naim the URL provided by MinimServer for the cover.”

The cover shows correctly on the Bubble app on my phone and also when I use Link To Windows and use the Bubble app on PC. The cover art also works correctly when I just use the Naim app, I never see the issue appearing when using that so it’s something between Bubble’s app and the Naim that is positioning the album art way off to the right of the iPad screen.

It’s not an out and out deal breaker for me as I’ll still use Naim app for individual albums and Bubble for big, random playlists but it’s just a bit weird.

I’m using Minimserver on the Synology NAS.

It’s possibly an image resolution issue, at a guess - what size are the affected images in pixels?

They are various sizes but mainly around 500 x 500, 600 x 600 so not large at all. I have some albums with very high resolution images - around 1600 to 2000 if I remember correctly and the Naim app handles them ok.

But using the BubbleUPnP on Samsung Galaxy > renderer UQ2 > looking at the tracks on the iPad Naim app, every single piece of artwork is in the same place, half cut off at the right hand side of the screen.

Why don’t you try Asset temporarily to rule out Minimserver as perhaps the root of the problem?

I installed Asset but I can’t open the configuration page in Firefox when launching Asset from within Synology DSM. Inputting the URL with the port 45537 on the end of it doesn’t open either.

Playing tracks with Bubble using Asset, the album art issue is still the same. Album cover is off to the right and half of it is off the screen and it’s the same whether in portrait or landscape mode.

Well at least that suggests that your UPnP server isn’t the problem. That said, if you can’t open the Asset config pages it suggests something isn’t right with your setup, find out what that is and it may wel sort your other issue

Managed to get the Asset configuration page open, it required a reboot of the NAS but the album art issue is the same.
It’s like the Naim app tries to place the album cover centrally when you open the app but the image then snaps wide right and every song that follows has it’s art wide right.

Does the Naim app have logging?

Unfortunately there isn’t any logging. It may be worth raising a ticket with the Naim Help Desk. A screen shot would help here also.

I just emailed them with a screenshot tonight. Thanks all.

You might want to try posting on the MinimServer forum. It’s a friendly place and the Simon Nash, who wrote Minim, often replies himself.


I thought about that but since I also had the same issue when I used Asset, it must be something else.

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