Buena Vista Social Club 25 year remaster

Ry Cooder has remastered from the original master tapes and added a whole new bunch of tracks which were left off the original. Just a first listen at the moment, but it sounds great. Over 2 hours of music, great entertainment and great value.


25 years! I can’t believe where the time has gone.

Thanks for the heads-up.



Listened to it the other day, excellent recording, great album.

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A rare instance of the reissue showing some improvement. Second disc largely a waste of timer though. A couple of alternate, inferior versions and a fair bit of hokey cheese which simply serves to show how well the original was edited and ordered.

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I actually prefer the original, more depth to my ears.

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I’m preferring the new one but the second disc is neither here nor there.

As an aside, I am lucky enough to have the Classic Records vinyl and it is on a different planet to both digital versions.

Having heard that at a friends I have to say I disagree. It is different and no more than that. For some it will be better but for me, and indeed my friend, it was near identical to our original CDs. There was a marginal improvement in terms of stereo spread but an imbalance between certain instruments introduced, which doesn’t exist on any other version. It introduces an emphasis on different rhythms within the music as instruments are given an emphasis they don’t have in the original mix. Listen hard and you’ll hear that the extra detail you’re drooling over is actually at the expense of some detail around percussion and high frequency guitar strings notably E A and D.

I have not listened to it yet but i remember the original recording to be top notch, so am wondering what there is to improve…
Of course if you don t own the original recording or for a new audience, it probably makes sense to get the new vinyl as i suppose the old one must be hard to come by for a reasonable price.

Thanks Mike.

This all, of course, is subjective and is probably down to personal taste. I find the new remaster very high end focussed and whilst I can hear some improvement in HF areas that, at least to me, is at the expense of depth and warmth.

I tend to agree that the vinyl is closer to the original CD but I think the vinyl is by a margin better.

It’s interesting. I’m only 9 months into streaming and trying to not get too caught up in the whole comparing this to that scene. Generally though I’ve been unimpressed with high resolution albums. Sometimes they’re simply mastered louder. If there’s extra anything other than volume it’s not really obvious. Occasionally there’s more detail but, as you say, at the expense of warmth and depth.

My experience here is different.
I think that ‘A Tus Pies’ or ‘La Cleptómano’ , for example, would not have been out of place on the original release.
I am also revelling in what is, in my system, a noticeable extension in the lower frequency instruments.
Horses for courses….

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Thus my use of the word “largely” :slight_smile:

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