Bug?!: Mu so Qb Gen2: Start Alarm at 5am although no alars set?!

is this a reported bug?

there is no alarm at all registered in my settings but it starts every morning at this time to play the naim radio channel…

I don’t believe this is a reported bug, no.

You could try setting exactly that alarm and then cancel it. Or you could try a factory reset of your Qb2.

It could be worse………Radio 1

i tried it multiple times, no way.

if factory reset is to hold the reset button as long as the light blinks and shuts off after a while, i did it 2 times. same problem.

or is there another way for factory reset?

i couldn’t find a handbook for the gen 2, just a quick start guide and the handbook for gen 1 only.

There is an online guide - Naim doesn’t believe in handbooks because they get out of date too fast with firmware changes I guess.

If you go to the product page on the Naim website:

Then scroll down to the black bars near the bottom of the page and choose “Naim muso Qb 2nd generation support”, you then get a query box. You type your question eg “factory reset” and search and it gives you the answer, showing you how to do it. You are supposed to hold the reset button in for at least 10 seconds and until the network light shows Amber.

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ok, i did that already last night and yes, no alarm today in the morning 5am.

however, the other bugs of my other posts still exist. very annoying.

i have to say that the mu so qb2 firmware + app is a disaster when comparing to competitors.

got in touch with the support to find a solution.

can anybody try to set an alarm for e.g. 7am in the morning with an android smartphone and a mu so qb gen 2? does it work with right times?


I guess no-one else has that use case.

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