Building a Roon server

John Darko builds a Roon server using ROCK on a NUC here

Very easy.
Though I don’t think the 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD and an i5 based NUC is necessary for his library or usage. 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD and an i3 based NUC is more than sufficient for 99% of Roon users.
RoonOS used in ROCK runs headless, Ethernet only, dedicated to just running Roon Core, as an embedded stripped down Linux system.
Plus Roon 1.8 includes a number of optimisations when run on RoonOS.


Why does he disable comments on every one of his YouTube videos? Was he a recipient of much abuse?

Reasons are covered in one of his YouTube videos.
I think was the moderation overhead on the comments, with over a 100k subscribers.
Not all internet users are as nice and polite as those on the Naim forum, and these needed active moderation, plus if you want to respond and interact.

I make a similar posting on the Roon forum, under the ROCK category and it is attracting negative conversation,

He does like to poke the bear at times though, doesn’t he? I found his ill-tempered ravings about ‘cashed-up middle-ages males’ and other negative comments about people with different tastes in music to his to be mean-spirited and uncalled for.

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I don’t mind him really, generally speaks his mind, whether you like what he says is up to you. I wish ingot so many toys to play with, worse ways to make a living.


It’s not. At the time I chose mine, I had already spent a lot of money on the new system and by that point just wanted it to be finished, listen to music, and not fiddle about anymore. The price differences didn’t seem to matter anymore and so I ended up with i5, 16 GB RAM, database 256 SSD, rips 4 TB SSD. Well, now I ripped 600 CDs, have 1500 Qobuz favorites, and added quite a lot of metadata manually. And my Rock says:

I guess I may have overdone it! But oh well, it is always fast and I can see it being sufficient for a very long time, which is what I wanted. And being fanless there is little reason for it to ever break. But needed it is not!


With 6.7k albums totalling 90k tracks, my Roon dB has used 9% of the 240GB m.SATA SSD

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I am totally new to roon. Just using it two weeks now. I built and installed my ROCK on Friday and have a very similar configuration to that one of @Suedkiez. (1 TB internal storage instead of 4 TB for me).

I know it seems to be overconfigured for my Roon needs, but I wanted to have a configuration that runs Windows without problems just in case I don’t like ROCK or in case of using roon only for a short period and need the NUC for something else then.

May I ask one question: Is it possible to put a little USB flash thumb drive into the back of the NUC and use that permanently for the database backup? (I do not have any network drives at the moment.)

Thank you …

My thoughts as well. I figured if I like Roon I want it to chuck along for a decade at least without having to touch it, and if I don’t, I wanted to have a quick fanless server or desktop machine. I ended up liking Roon.

I have not tried backing up to USB, but just plug one in and see if it appears in the backup settings as a choice. The manual at least says,

For example, backup to your NAS and Dropbox, or to a local hard drive and your NAS.

And there is a thread on the Roon forum in the support section that looks like it should normally work, titled “Roon backup to USB thumb drive”

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Oh, thank you!

Yes, you can do that.

I backup my database to :

  • An USB drive connected to the NUC
  • to my NAS over the Network.

The NAS itself has its own backup.

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  • Took me 20 minutes to build the Roon server.
  • And another 20 minutes to install Rock.
  • In less then an hour it was up and running. :smiley:


[deleted because stupid, I was confused :slight_smile: ]

Thanks, @Thomas. I will try that tomorrow …

BTW, after reading all the articles on Roon’s knowledge base, I watched this video by Alpha Audio. Although the guy had some issues during the live video, I found it very useful:


Thanks. With “little” I meant more the dimensions than the capacity. I have a 64 GB or even 128 GB one if necessary, which I would like to use.

I am totally out of touch! I just looked up thumb drives on Amazon. All of mine are still 2 GB or whatever :slight_smile: Forget my comment :speak_no_evil:

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It’s nice info, but I am not into Roon Nucleus or Roon Rock NUC because I have an un-used 2012 Mac Mini. It works just fine and saves me a few bucks.


Just reading the forum while I wait for Roon Core on my iMac to backup before transferring to my new NUC running ROCK.

I’m a long way from being a computing expert, but have found the build reasonably straightforward following the Installation Guide on the Roon site. Hopefully will be up and running in less than 30 mins which will be about 2 hours of effort from unpacking the memory and SSD to an operational server.

I’ve also gone for a wildy over-specced NUC, on the basis that in the scheme of a Naim system it’s a relatively small expense and it will hopefully be fairly future proof.


Did you find the Teddy LPS make a good difference. Already built the Roon Rock NUC… slightly different Akasa fanless case but the rest is the same. An easy to forget bit of kit… it just looks after itself in terms of updates etc.

That Teddy LPS is a funny story :laughing:

If your Roon server is not connected directly to your streamer or DAC, then it is connect to your network.

Therefore, there is no difference in terms of sound between a nice Intel NUC, a Nucleus, a MacMini or a PC. It’s just a server somewhere in your network.

It is that simple. And it makes perfect sense. There is no technical reason I am aware of that would lead me to think otherwise.

But… I’m not a stubborn person.

I read some interesting comments about networked Roon servers that would benefit from an LPS.

So I did a pretty expensive experiment. I bought a $500 linear power supply to power my already very expensive Roon server.

Result : not the slightest difference.

I now have a nice NUC with an expensive and useless power supply :smile:

It was a $500 fail :laughing:

Of course, this is just my own experience, YMMV.

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