Built a new Plex Server as bored

Been running Plex for ages on my NAS but its not got the grunt to transcode 4k material well. So I went in the loft and got out an older PC desktop that used to be my Roon server, installed Vortexbox a very small linux distro that has Plex built in and away I am. Got more grunt as its an i3, browsing is faster to. 2nd piece of hardware I have repurposed during the lock down the other being a fanless NUC to use as Roon endpoint with DragonFly Red DAC as another headphone station in my Dining Room.

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Nice, I recently set up an Rpi3 with GentooPlayer and an Audioquest Cobalt attached. Surprisingly good output into one of my SN2 inputs.

Yep they are good DACs the Dragonflies have 3 overall one at work Dragonfly Black, and two at home Cobalt and Red.

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