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I tried to find an answer to this question on the Forum, but couldn’t do so:

I’m burning in a new XPS for my NDX2 by playing it for eight or so hours while I’m at work. For my family’s sake, I stop it when I get home unless I’m listening to music. Can I, however, burn it in faster by playing it on a different amp input when I’m home so that the signal isn’t going through the speakers? Or does the signal need to be going into the speakers for the burn-in to happen?

Just leave it on and don’t worry about burn in. The XPS will be fine just switched on and powering the NDX2 rather than needing the NDX2 to be playing music.


That should tell you something.

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Not quite sure why the NDX2 needs to be playing through the speakers - just set the amp to a different channel

It doesn’t. It’s just a power supply. The NDX2 can be set to play, but the amplifier can be muted.

Oh, so just having it plugged in is sufficient? It doesn’t even need to be playing music that is muted?

Yep. It’s still powering the device - no need for music to be playing. Give the family a break :+1:

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You are serious James ? It can really burn without playing ?

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Yes. It’s a power supply so it just needs to be on and powering something. It doesn’t really care whether that device is playing music or not. I’d just plug it in and enjoy it from the off. It may sound different as it settles or it may not. YMMV etc

Exactly as @james_n and others say regardless of whether the actual component is processing music or not it will be passing juice through.

You can of course enjoy it from the first minutes, but I believe it will burn if the component it powers is working.

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