Burn-in with refurbished gear?

I have a question regarding refurbished equipment. At the end of last year I sent my NAC 72, HiCap & CB NAP 250 off to the factory to be reinvigorated after sitting idle for over 20 years. The boxes returned sounding wonderful, but over recent weeks SQ seems to be improving. Does a factory reburb reset the clock so to speak and mean a new burn-in period.

Yes. The kit will need to burn in again as it now has many new components that need to settle. I have found from experience that this can take many weeks.

I thought that this might be the case. I’ve also done three major upgrades in the past 6 weeks so I’m finding it difficult to identify each uplift to SQ. This just adds another variable, but I’m not complaining. It really does sound excellent right now.

Yes, I had a 252 service last Nov. and it was still improving over at least a 3 month period.

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As I understand it a refurb and DR upgrade means they change/update all internal components/PCBs except the transformer meaning the amp on the inside is a purchasing a new one therefore the high cost. How it is for just refurb I’m not sure but it includes changing capacitors at a minimum and caps has a burn in period.

Slamdam. It’s just a refurb. The boxes are vintage and don’t qualify for DR.

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