Burndy and Snaic... for the last time? 52/252/552 Poll

I know this has been covered before but there still seems to be various suggestions on how best to dress the Burndy and Snaic so I thought it might be worth seeing if there is any general agreement in a poll.

So how do you dress yours for best SQ?

  • Wound tightly together
  • In line and crossing a few times
  • In line and crossing once
  • In line and close but not touching
  • Separated as far as possible

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Hope I have covered all the options.

What’s a Burndy ? :slightly_frowning_face:


In a u shape from the 252 to SC, touching but not in strain ideally best to let hand and dress

Are they touching the wall :flushed:

In parts yes and no, need to move the fraim out 5cm

I would have guessed the cables should at least touch once but “no contact” is just as popular.

Should I start tweaking yet??

I just use large bubble wrap spheres between cables, the weight of the cable keep them in place. I cannot see them from the listening position…works very well.

The correct answer is that they should run closely parallel to each other without touching. If that’s not possible then one loop over (and a single touch, if unavoidable) is fine too.


Thanks Richard, your tip off should hopefully get the votes for that option up.

Its good to have a definitive answer as its one less thing to worry about. There’s another post at the moment listing umpteen speaker cables to try, how do you ever practically choose one? Of course if you have a Naim amp you can just install A5 and forget about it.

I don’t want to vote* but want to know the results please :slight_smile:

  • I am new to this, my 300 arrived but the rack is a construction site, the pre is in repair and taking forever (covid is apparently messing with delivery of some kind of chip, which NAD told me is currently affecting many brands). So I have no opinion yet

Oh ok I read Richard’s post

Well Richard gives the right answer of course. Close and not touching.

My six boxes have 11 cables and its not easy following all the rules but I have just used some polystyrene packaging chips to redress the cables so my Burndy and Snaic no longer cross and touch each other.

Its worth the effort as following Naim’s recommended way of doing things gives me the peace of mind to forget the hi-fi and get back to listening to music.

Now I have just go to save up for the Fraim and I can forget about all this…

Hi Richard, are you actually aware of the deleterious effect of the Snaic touching the Burndy? ATB Peter

Yes Peter, that’s why at Naim we always dressed it to run it closely parallel but not touching, if possible.

But how do you actually do that? And how close is close? :thinking: ATB Peter

Peter, like all things, these come from accumulated Naim knowledge of setting these things up and trying them out again and again against the alternatives. I guess the close parallel dressing thing probably came about during the time of the NAC52 - I’m sure Jason would know for sure.

I run them as closely parallel as I can without touching - within a couple of cm or so is probably just fine but wide or inconsistent gaps are to be avoided. It’s best to form the cables first by taking the connectors in each hand and gently swinging and manipulating. If you form the Burndy and the SNAIC the same way they should follow a similar arc.

Richard, am I sensing snaic-oil creeping in!? :thinking::rofl: ATB Peter

No “Snaic” oil - honest! Manipulating (de-stressing) the cables so they drape naturally and don’t exert undue pressure on the connectors really does make an appreciable difference. It really does work! Why would Naim bother otherwise?

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so not touching? interesting. thought they needed to interact but that’s just what I’ve picked up here.

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Definitely something in this - I have fiddled around with the 252 Snaic to minimise all connector stress and have just single point touching and there is definitely more a bit more finesse to the sound.

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