Burndy cable

Good afternoon.
I have a 15 pin Burndy cable with NA-9110 label.
I had intended it to connect to a 252 one day.
Could you confirm that this would be the correct one?

The pins appear the correct number and orientation, so I would say yes. Is it not marked NA-252 before the NA-9110 (tells Naim who assembled the cable)?

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It seems to be a very common misunderstanding, that the NA-xxx number on a Naim cable is the Part number.

As @Richard.Dane said above, its the ID of the Naim employee who made the cable… :open_mouth:

Thank you.

I’ve just looked at a spare XPS burndy and it does indeed have ‘SXPS’ on the label for the builder reference number. So you would think the supercar burndy would also have a similar label…or are there different ones depending on what it is powering?

The S-XPS was so marked to distinguish it from the previous regular non-S version, which looked otherwise the same.

There’s no “Supercap Burndy” although a few different Burndy leads are used with a Supercap; NAC52, NAC252, and SNAXO/Superline.

Thanks Richard, that makes sense.