Burndy Compatibility (NDS -> XPS2 or 555PS)

My NDS is connected to an XPS2DR with a S-XPS Burndy cable.

If I were to upgrade to 555PS (DR or non-DR) utilising two Burndy cables then do I just need another S-XPS cable or are the cables from the 555PS completely different? If different which I’ve got a feeling they are then which Burndy cables specifically are required please?

The NDS should come with two different Burndys. Just make sure they are included. Use these.

@Paul52135 Thx… I know the CD555 comes with two Burndys but the 555PS doesn’t come with any Burndys. So if I buy a 555PS for my NDS then it may not be supplied with any Burndys and I will need to buy some…question is if they are the same as the S-XPS burndy or different and if different which part number?

Pretty certain they are different as the pin configurations are for input/outputs 1 & 2 and can’t be crossed over. They are a lot thicker as well. If you look around you may well find the power supplies being sold with a set? If not they are quite expensive.

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Sorry, I meant to say that the NDS should come with two Burndys not the PS. my bad :disappointed:. Both Burndys are different to the XPS one as one covers the analogue side and the other the digital. You can buy from your dealer but they aren’t cheap but they can be picked up on eBay for a lot less. I’ve edited my original post for accuracy.

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The NDS could be bought with or without Burndies, so there is no guarantee that a re-seller will include them in the sale. Always worth checking this before you buy.


Cheers @Paul52135 Yeah I remember when I evaluated the 555PS years ago and thought I had just about enough money to buy it then was told I needed the 2 Burndys which was another £1K :see_no_evil: hence the XPS2 purchase :grinning:

@ChrisSU I bought the NDS with the S-XPS at the time (or did it perhaps come with the XPS2, cant remember)…just seems like a lot of the 2nd hand 555PS units seem to be sold without the Burndys hence the need to go for 2 new (or s/h) Burndys if I proceed.

Seems like the Burndys that come with the CD555 are also different.

Might have to get the actual 555PS Burndy part number from Naim


You need a Burndy Set for NAPS555. It costs £999 as shown on the accessories price list here.

A S-XPS Burndy is supplied as standard with the XPS power supply. No Burndies come with a 555PS. The NDS could be bought with or without a suitable Burndy pair to connect to a 555PS.

The XPS should have been supplied with a Burndy.


Thanks…I only have the one S-XPS so it must have come with the XPS2 I guess. I’ll have to keep a look out for the Burndy Set for the NAPS555 then :+1:

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