Burndy question

I have looked on Naim website and tried to find out if :-
Does the the same XPS Burndy I use from XPS → NDX also work from XPS → NDX2 ?
Website states NDX but no mention of NDX2 as far as I can see ?

Yupp it does :+1:

@Blackbird Thank you so much for almost instant reply !!!

S-XPS Burndy cable is the fella.


Also works for XPS to CDX2… :crazy_face:

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From another thread came this response from Richard Dane

“The original XPS Burndy was grey. There was then an improved version in black. Then during XPS2 production came a further improved version, also in black, called the S-XPS Burndy. The way to identify this last one is that it has S-XPS printed on the collar band.”

The ‘Search’ feature can be very helpful…


Thank you all for the help - what would I do without this forum ?

:thinking: Indeed… If you know how to use it…!!

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