Burndy question

Was checking all my cables and when i removed The Burndy on my XPS to clean the connection one end seems to be loose. There is a locking star screw to tighten the sleeve , is it just a case of nipping this up or is there more to it than that . The Burndy is not under any stress and its free from any obsructions.

The Burndy is designed to fit into the socket without twisting and then the lock ring is tightened. Some suggest not to over tighten though. I assume you mean the standard fitment and are not suggesting yours is broken?!!

You need to be very careful here - overly tight with the strain relief on the connector plug and the sound suffers badly. Similarly, if it’s overly loose then sound also can suffer. If it’s all sounding good then I would leave it alone.

I never really understood the idea of over tightening a Burndy. Doesn’t the locking collar have to rotate until it clicks in? So its either clicked in or not. What am I missing?

The locking collar must always be done up properly. As you say, it should “click” into place when fully locked home.

However, what I’m referring to in the post above is the strain relief collar on the actual connector which tightens around the outer sheath of the cable.

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It’s like wearing tight underpants, not good.
Cables should be left to dangle with freedom :wink:

Yes Richard thats what i meant the strain collar, it seems to have come a bit loose,ie it turns even when the Burndy is locked . There sounds a little distortion on vocals and that is why i was checking all my connections. Could be something else but was just asking if this could cause a problem.

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If in doubt get the Burndy checked out by Naim. What is the XPS powering? Can you run without the XPS for a bit?

Have just tried my CDX2-2 without the Burndy and the cable is ok., have a spare Naim cd player tried that problem still present. Have ruled out the speaker as i have put in a spare pair and the same. So to rule out yet a nap 250 dr, hi cap dr and a nac 282 plus cables. Probem is a sound of a slight lag on vocals in turn sounds like a distortion on sound.

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