Burning In

Is it ok to have everything thing running over Christmas on internet radio, or is it too long .

There should be no issues with this…

We all pretty much leave our kit on all the time…so playing makes no difference

Absolutely fine, why would it be of concern? For best sound quality leave your kit on constantly.

I thought given the permanent playing it might warm up too much

Unless you have valve gear and your valves won`t last very long if you leave it on all the time !!

I put quite a number of classical albums on, let’s see how long it will run.

A lot of folks will leave music playing continuously with the volume set low to break in new hifi gear. I believe you will be OK Bert…

Yeah put it on, with the amplification on mute as I burning in my Ethernet cable

I “set” my ndx2 to not switch off and have left the internet radio playing. pre-amp volume is down, mute is on and input is switched to lp 12 - so no chance of music suddenly coming alive. Nothing is even remotely warm. The naim equipment is meant to be powered up so no worries

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Ethernet cable isn’t an audio cable and only transmits binary packet data, with error detection and correction. There’s no need for burn in. That doesn’t do anything.


:small_blue_diamond:Wrong,.read the “Ethernet Switch and Cables Mania” thread.
Among many others,.Darkebear provides a good explanation in that thread.


I find @Darkebear’s journey interesting and thought-provoking, and clearly one of the most considered assessments, however I must have missed that, and a search hasn’t found.

I cannot conceive of any reasonable explanation for burn-in of any wire, ethernet or signal. But I do know that human ears do not hear consistently the same from day to day…


No, I call B.S. on burning in ethernet cable. It’s a ridiculous concept. We’re the laughing of I.T. Does Darkbear have any legitimate peer-reviewed science-based evidence for anything otherwise? Ethernet transmits bit-perfect frame data. It it can’t it fails completely. If that weren’t true the internet and other networking wouldn’t work.


It can of course also transmit superimposed electrical noise that, on reaching the DAC, could cause intermodulation distortion in the created analogue audio (or possibly other effects), therefore two cables may behave differently in their pickup, or reduction, of such noise. But I would love to see an explanation as to how that could possibly alter with use…

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No - but it works and does happen.

I’ve got a physics degree and 30+ years practical design experience with analogue and digital electronics.
I know how it all works and on a simplistic level it ideally makes no difference - but I also know that the forces of the Universe do not stop working just because I declare and name ‘switch’ or ‘Ethernet cable’ so it seems these EM fields won’t go away from having their influence.
Peer-review is the way of delaying all new research by established experts - great for keeping established dogma which makes the reviewers comfortable in-place but not great for considering a wider deeper view. Why we have to generally wait until the reviewers gradually die-off before science actually progresses from narrow accepted views.

My view is that the Electro-mag course from my First Year Physics degree from some 40 years ago now that covered things known for more than 100 years then also explains what is going on, as well as burn-in.
Nothing strange - just apply all the physical laws of electromagnetism and interactions with conductors and dielectrics and there is enough possibilities as to what is happening.



Well, I’m an IT professional with 30+ years experience (software engineer, actually) and I’m still not buying it. You’re welcome to your opinion about it but there still are no facts to corroborate any of it. Ethernet cable burn in affecting data transmission of IP frame data is nonsense and I still have seen nothing to change that.


And I respect yours and understand why you have it.
I used to have it too - then I experienced things people call run-in or burn-in myself too often to revise it for myself, that something is happening - or I’m not a scientist and leaning more to religious dogma - not for me.

If you know how a transmission line works and what Ethernet actually is then it is amazing there are not more propagated effects into other sensitive components nearby.

In the realm of data integrity and IP frames - etc - run-in/burn-in is non-existent.
But it was not being discussed as confined only to that narrow consideration of the data transmission integrity.

I’ll go - just responding to being poked, but happy for everyone to have and find their own peace about such things. I’m not comfortable with implying or directly stating people are ignorant when in fact the mirror is very useful to check you do actually have a full handle on what they are talking about and why.



At the scale of atoms and electrons many of the laws surrounding classical physics cease to exists and are completely unprovable but it doesn’t mean they don’t happen. At a subatomic level we step into world of quantum weirdness, so why couldn’t there be an effect of some sort? We just experience something and choose to call it burn-in! In the quantum world the earth can be both ‘flat’ and ‘round’ at the same time!

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Fair enough. I’ll leave it at that. Everyone should Just decide for themselves what they believe about it.

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