Buy or not to buy DR amp

I use SuperNait 1,do I get upgrade when use NAP 200 DR like a power amp and SN 1 like a preamp ?

I haven’t tried a supernait but my recent experience with the Nait XS suggests the weaker point of the integrated is the pre section. Therefore I would get a better pre amp and use the sn as the power amp.


The DR in the 200 is only on the preamp supply so it’s just a 200 when using it with a supernait.

When I auditioned the original supernait against the 202/200 non DR I formed a strong preference for the latter, putting a hicap on the supernait and using the 200 with it as a power amp didn’t change that.


What you want is the Hicap DR.

The bare SuperNait 1 is a bit of a streetfighter - Vinny Jones style. It likes a good rude battle.

When you add the Hicap DR, it remains a streetfighter, but much more sophisticated. A bit like Colin Farrell in Kingsman.

Nap 200 changes the sound signature. It gets a leaner sound. Personally, I’ve tried it with the Nap 200 but I missed that charming bit bold sound signature immediately.


Using an external Power Supply on the Supernait should improve its capability as a preamp (good), and leave the internal toroidal supply inside the Supernait for ‘power amp duties’.
(improving BOTH preamp capability and power amp seperation and flow).

Supernait makes for a decent preamp, especially with a power supply upgrade.

what music genres/speakers AND what listening level etc (rhetoric mostly; food for thunk)- what are you seeking to improve /where is change warranted in your system?

It’s Colin firth in Kingsman … :rofl: „manners make us…“ love the movie


Ah yes of course. I usually have names wrong, Drogu.


Colin Farrell’s Coach in The Gentlemen would have worked too :slight_smile:


:rofl: :joy:

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I agree with @Ardbeg10y. I bought a HiCap at the same time as my SN1 and would not have purchased the amp without the power supply. I later had the HC upgraded to DR and that was a big improvement.

I also tried the SN1/NAP200 combination, but felt any improvement was not at all worth the expenditure.


Don’t waste your time with a 200DR. As others have said, its just a 200 amp. Sell the Supernait 1 and get a Supernait 3

To upgrade an integrated amplifier with an external amplifier, then you have lost the whole point imo…:innocent:

haven’t lost the whole point (we buy kit for audio quality improvements)…

assuming the ‘integrated amp’ in question is a decent preamp or serves some functionality (from preouts to tape loops and tone controls/balance adjustments and phononstages or inbuilt DACs etc)…

-if the power amp is better for speakers (Yay!), or, as is the case with some Naim kit, frees up internal power supply from power amp duties (big power hit), and allows the decent preamp quality of a Supernait to be improved…

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Depends on what your end goal is. If you are planning on going down the pre/power amp road then a Supernait/200dr is a good way to start the journey. You will probably want to think about replacing the Supernait with a 282 fairly shortly though.

If this doesn’t appeal then replacing the Supernait 1 with a Supernait 3 might be a good idea. I haven’t heard the Supernait 1 so can’t personally comment but generally speaking the Supernait 2 and 3 are considered by many to be much better amps.

It is worth noting that if you go down the pre/power amp road the box count can easily start to mount up. For example you will probably want a XPS to go with your NDX if you have a 282, although I personally think a bare NDX into a 282 sounds excellent. Also bear in mind that you can save yourself some pennies by buying a 200 rather than 200dr if you plan on using a hicap/hicap dr in due course as the dr section of a 200 powers the preamp only and won’t be used if you use a hicap. A 200 is more likely to need a service than a 200dr though as it is an older model.

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It’s surprising that people are saying the DR part of a 200 only effects the power provided to the preamp. I appreciate that the 200 is different to 250 in that it can provide power for a preamp, but when I had my 250 power amp upgraded to DR specification it made a significant difference to the sound. So why wouldn’t the power amp section of the 200 also show an improvement in SQ if it was DR’d?

It’s only the built in preamp PSU that has a DR regulator in it. The main power amp uses the old LM317 regulators.

My plan Is that sell SN and buy 282.
Price for new 200DR is 1200 eur.
In Serbia is hard to find XPS DR for NDX .

In that case the 200DR will work well with the 282, as the 282 power supply is from inside the 200DR and they work well together.
If you also buy a Hicap that will be a better still, but without it the 282/200DR is still a very nice amp.

282/200dr is a front row seat for small money.

It is also pole position for a great series of hifi purchases.

Thanks Chris.