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where do we buy vinyl these days? just fired up nait 50 with a 1210.

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Bandcamp. Not for price, necessarily, but more of the dosh goes to the people it should: the artists.


New or Used…? I only buy used - and get what I want from Discogs.

YMMV, etc.

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I try to support some of the independent shops in Brighton as much as poss, but most of the time I have to use Amazon - either the UK, Germany or USA sites usually.

Diverse Vinyl in the main.

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Record fairs and independent music shops. I find HMV way too expensive.
There’s a great record fair in Leeds this Saturday I’m looking forward to visiting.


Try searching in Google, “record shops near me”
I also use record fairs, and I follow Facebook page for Essex based fairs.
I used to live in Greenwich and occasionally make a day trip to meet friends, have a pint and check the records.
I try to support my local shops the most.

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Bandcamp and Artists webstores mainly, some then link to distributers such as Townsend who send out regular mails for new releases. Occasionally will visit a bricks and mortar shop if time to kill when visiting somewhere.

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Bandcamp is good for recently released albums.
Resident Music and Family Record Store in Brighton are also good independents and do online orders for new stuff.
HMV sometimes has something worthwhile.
Amazon is also good, I have recently got 4 records I couldn’t get anywhere else from independent record stores that use the Amazon marketplace to sell through. I did also get one record that only Amazon Music had in stock so got a free MP3 download.

I like Bandcamp, Honest Jons, Juno, Sounds of the Universe, Pressure Sounds, Dubvendor and the charity shop

Bandcamp, Diverse, Juno, Norman, Rough Trade, Sounds of the Universe, What Records, Sister Ray… plus I will pop into HMV and Fopp from time to time to see what’s on offer. Here in London, there’s also a wide choice of secondhand shops too, as alternatives to Discogs and eBay.

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If anyone is around Preston tomorrow there’s a record fair on :+1:t2:
Also Vinyl Groove, Preston is very good.

You are particularly lucky in Brighton with access to what, over 10? new and used record shops ?

I’m a danger to myself when I’m walking around the city centre, as it’s just too easy to slip into a record shop and come out with half a dozen new LPs - which is exactly what happened a few days ago!



If it’s classical records you are after, check out your local auction houses.

You can quite often pick up a box of 30 classical records in NM condition for a tenner.

View the auction lots online each week. If anything interesting turns up, go and take a look.
Bid online, leave a commission bid or bid at the auction.

It’s quite exciting at first, particularly if bidding at the auction.

I alway purchase my vinyl from the artists website. The giant acts don’t need the $$$ but all the smaller artist need all the help they can get.

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Good shop in Manchester vinyl exchange.

Living deep on the Berkshire Downs , I am very reliant on on-line retailers , I use Presto and Juno depending on the type of music.

We do have an HMV in Newbury, other than that Amazon is good , but I get enough from Amazon and have no wish to provide Mr Bezo with more money than he already has

bet that sounds lovely

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I worked with a manager who worked near HMV oxford street.
He would buy a record every day in his lunch break.

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