Buy XPS for NDX2 or get the NSS333

Hey I am thinking of playing around with my system and I thought I would ask this question as I can’t see it specifically asked before. It may be in a comment somewhere.

It’s seeming super opaque as to what the general opinion is on this and yes I should 100% go test myself. I am just looking for any experience out there…

I have an NDX2, NAC282, 2 HiCaps, Nap300 as my current config. playing out of 803 D4s via Chord Sarum T.

Just interested in experience.

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I would look for a recent second-hand XPS if you intend to stick with a Classic System. If you are intending to slowly upgrade to a New Classic system then I would suggest the 333 would be a better choice longer term. Sonically, I think an NDX2 with the XPS would sound better than a 333 without an NPX300.

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With the 300 and the B&Ws I’d be looking for a nice 555 PSDR.

The 333 would be ideal if you plan to embark on a transition to the New Classics, but even then you’d probably want to add an NPX300.

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I run the exact same system and have just purchased an XPS-2 DR for my NDX2 and it sounds amazing.
I have heard the NSS333, but only in a NC300 system. It sounded both superb and different.
However, I prefer the sound of my system. :wink:


Thanks for sharing this experience - this is helpful.

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