Buying a LP12 Turntable - Aro?

In the process of completely rebuilding my hifi and the result is I’ll have a completely Naim free system. I’m adding a lp12 because I’ve given up. Years ago the Aro tonearm was highly regarded and I was thinking that would be a fun way to have a little Naim. Is it possible to still buy one in new condition and is it still competitive vs the Linn Ekos?

No, the Naim ARO has been long out of production. I think the reasoning at the time was that certain parts became impossible to have made in such small numbers for a sane price.

Personally, I know that the vinyl flame still burns fiercely in the hearts of many at Naim, so I’m ever hopeful that Naim will see the wisdom of bringing it back sometime, perhaps updated and improved? Please…


Any place that might have new old stock Aro? Found a couple of used examples on eBay.

You could ask around some of the dealers. IIRC, Cymbiosis used to be one of Naim’s best customers for AROs so you could perhaps start there.


I recall that production of the Aro ceased in 2010, but I was lucky enough to find a brand new sealed-in-box example in 2015 - at a price! I reckon you’d be extremely lucky to find another, although it might still be worth approaching What You See and Hear as well as Tom Tom.

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Are you still using it?

Yes, of course. If Peter still runs an Aro waiting list at Cymbiosis it would be worth getting your name on it, but I suspect it might be a long wait until one becomes available.

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@Katzky2021 Naim Aro still come up with dealers, I would not look at one outside of them to be honest

lot’s of LP12 owners I know love the Aro either parred with Geddon still or other combinations who love the musical presentation of the Aro

The NEW arm which is winning a lot of friends on LP group is the PU7 which kind of replaced the tiger Paw Javelin at that price point - in the 15 + years of LP 12 I had an Ittock VII and now Ekos SE

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@Katzky2021 Winchester Hi-Fi had good used Aro stocks when I was in before the last lockdown. They know their way around the LP12 too.

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I was told there was only about 1200 ever produced.

A good alternative might be a Vertere SG.

As it happens Peter at Cymbiosis just mentioned that he has a load of Aros on demonstration (his post was repost from 2019). I hope he still has them …


@Camphuw he does have a lot of ARO on demo, when I was looking at Krystal vs DVXX2 it was easy just a swap over on Uni Pivot

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Indeed he does, but as far as I’m aware that’s so that he can offer multiple cartridge demonstrations with the same turntable/arm combination. I recently went through such a demo prior to buying a Kandid.

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That could be a very long wait. At this point, likely to eternity.

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Possibly even longer than that!!

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Yes and 1,000 of them are at Cymbiosis.


I bought my Aro in 2004 still in use on an Tangerine Audio Stiletto coupled with the Armeggedon their’s a synergy with the two. I have never ventured further with the Linn power supplies either Lingo 4 or Klimax route.



agree there is a lot of music when ARO & geddon are matched together

@Katzky2021 if you can with your budget look at Keel, I know @Cymbiosis had a special delivery recently of Keel for ARO

Keel, Aro, Geddon would be a great LP12

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Before putting your name down on a waiting list it might be an idea as we leave lockdown (again!) to visit a dealer such as Cymbiosis to listen to lp12’s in various states of tune. Not everyone prefers the Aro hence it would be worth checking out before setting off on an Aro safari!

I’ve been happy with an Aro for several years and swapped over my geddon for a radikal without any negative impact - makes playing the mofi 45rpm records a bit more manageable!