Buying a shielded mains power cable? Worth it?


I recently bought a 5v psu for mai streamer and am still enjoying the new sound.

Planning on buying a hicap for my NaitXS2 someday. However I am still way off budget wise. So here I am considering buying a Supra LoRad 2,5. I live in sweden and like the idea of locally produced stuff.

So… snake oil or real upgrade? What are your experiences? Any other suggestions?

Why not try it yourself.
You will read a lot of different opinions, yes it’s worth it, no it’s not, LoRad is good, LoRad is bad.
I doubt you will find an overall vote winner on anything.
I use screened cable because I come from an industry were screened cable was normal, it’s a hangover from that.
I have used LoRad, I still have some, but I replaced the main cables with a braided type because I wanted to actually connect the screen to earth only at the power input end.
Questin is, does a domestic installation need screened cable? probably not, especially considering the very low currents involved & worth noting that Naim cables are not screened.
Final point is your house earth supply, I read that some homes in Sweden don’t have earthed power outlet sockets in some rooms. If that is the case with your hifi power, a screen will not be effective anyway as it has to be connected to earth at the power input end.

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I use LoRad power leads. tbh I can’t honestly say I’ve ever really ‘heard’ any difference is power leads but I like the screened concept and they’re an okay price so I have them for all my hifi components.

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I’ve had couple of Supras in my system but cannot say I found a difference worth it. I would save up and not be in a rush and look out on the Swedish second handed market like Hifitorget. Power cables pop up on a daily basis and you will get much better value for money getting used power cables. Hifiklubben also have a 60 days trial so you can evaluate say Audioquest (Z3 is great but maybe Y3 is enough for your needs) cables to see if they do anything to your setup or not. A lot of stores do offer such buy and try so start doing some AB testing and see where you need to go :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks.

Maybe I will give it a try when the upgrade ich comes then. For now I will save 50€ :slight_smile:

Earthed wall sockets first then. And maybe a try and return if i don’t hear any difference. I want to be a smart audiophile. Buying stuff that don’t improve the sound is not smart.


I compared the Supra Lorad (US plug) with Acrolink cords (very good cords) . The Lorad sounds rough and unrefined in comparison which is no good. But for the price there is no complaint.

I have the spc 2.5mm2 and it’s a clean cable although most of my other cables seem to be better in SQ. A VG cable i’d reccomend is the DH labs power plus for roughly the same price. It’s a triple c cable with no shielding and it’s currently my favourite and it’s connected to my naim amp directly from the wall outlet. I don’t think there’s better unless spending more than an arm and a leg.


You need to explain some stuff to the newb. What is SQ and VG?

SQ is sound quality and VG is very good.

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